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WCI Review – Benny Meng VTM Series 09 – Luk Dim Boon Kwan – Wing Chun Long Pole

Sifu Benny Meng gets a handle on the iconic Luk Dim Boon Kwan (“Six-and-a-Half Point Pole”) wielding his knowledge and skill sets with the device from Basic Concepts, Basic Movements, (Form) Sequence, and Concepts in exploring…

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WCI Review – Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal – Mr. Mook Jong – Wooden Dummy 1-3

The strong roots of Wing Chun have brought growth to a strong tree by sprouting many branches and lineages, and inspiring an infamous Hollywood martial arts star’s foundation for his system of Jeet Kune Do. Sifu…

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WCI Review – Moy Yat – Gerk Jong

Continuing with the Moy Yat series of archived videos to digital, the magnanimous Sifu posthumously bestows his knowledge from what was once a closed-door audience to an open source platform to impart his wisdom and experience.…

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WCI Review – Wing Chun Masters Vol 3 – Robert Chu and Wan Kam Leung

Wing Chun Masters Magazine has entered the arena of digital video offerings from what were once physical DVDs in their newsstand magazine issues, with features shot specifically for articles written by the respective contributors.

WCI Review – Salvador Sanchez – TAOWS Academy 03 – Chi Sao

Martial arts has been described by some as the natural, unfiltered, honest dialogue of the body to communicate. Sifu Salvador Sanchez brings his art of war method of Wing Tsun from the hardwood floors to the…

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WCI Review – Sifu Sergio – Kam Na 01 – Grabbing and Controlling Joint Locking Techniques

Perennial Wing Chun/Ving Tsun/ Wing Tsun/Wing Tsun, etc. instructor and scholar Sifu Sergio Iadarola, provides another video instalment to his expansive instructional library. This addition has a particular focus on a more popularly known form of…

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WCI Review – Benny Meng VTM Series 13 – San Da – Wing Chun Fighting Applications Part 1

Many people take an interest in martial arts for reasons ranging from health, hobby, interest, discipline, fitness, personal development and general cultural interest, but the core essence of all of them is the pursuit of practical…

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