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Wing Chun Dao, My Mission Statement

My journey in the martial arts begun when I was a little boy, in the early 70s where I was greatly influenced by the brilliance of the great Bruce Lee. Being a son of Italian immigrants, we landed in the shores of Australia in late 1965, son of three children my father was a professional…

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Butterfly Sword Maintenance

By Jeffrey Modell of Modell Design LLC 3/12/2022 All weapons-grade steels (ignoring the new ultra-expensive nitrogen steels) can rust. This is true regardless of whether the blade is made of high carbon steel, medium carbon steel, or fine stainless steel. The best way to deal with corrosion is to prevent it from happening. That starts…

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Buick Yip: Stories of Wing Chun #01, Biu Jee Footwork

The following took place many years ago, I think it is about time to share. Me and my American Akita, Chat Chin, used to walk to the fountain in Tsimshatsui East in Kowloon at nights where it is spacious to run, that night, we chased each other, dogs run faster than human, when I am…

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WCI Review – Salvador Sanchez – TAOWS Academy 02 – Advanced Wing Tsun

Based in Spain, Sifu Salvador Sanchez’s submission to the instructional DVD universe takes a 69-minute look at what he and his TAOWS Academy present as advance knowledge and techniques in their Wing Tsun system following, “an…

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WCI Review – Moy Yat – Moy Yat Talks (Fan Sau, San Sau, Sifu)

Two hours and twenty minutes of history caught on film of the late Sifu Moy Yat on June 16, 1990, discussing, exploring, and demonstrating an array of Wing Chun actions specifically focusing on a select few…

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