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Buick Yip: Stories of Wing Chun #01, Biu Jee Footwork

The following took place many years ago, I think it is about time to share.

Me and my American Akita, Chat Chin, used to walk to the fountain in Tsimshatsui East in Kowloon at nights where it is spacious to run, that night, we chased each other, dogs run faster than human, when I am losing him, I whistled and turned back, he took over the chase. In no time he is just right behind me, all at a sudden my adrenaline buildup and I simulated desperation, I must turn back and get him. The chain of movements below is never rehearsed and just came in natural sequence as if having been trained for the situation.

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How to Improve your Bil Jee and Wing Chun Dim Mak Skills

We sat down with Sifu John Crescione, a very well rounded Wing Chun practitioner and doctor who knows the system inside an out. He had the opportunity to study with many well known teachers, such as Lee Moy Shan, William Cheung, and Ip Qing. Luckily, we managed to get a hold of him and ask a few questions about Bil Jee and Dim Mak!

Let’s see what he had to say:

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Sifu Greg Lebanc Chum Kiu Interview

For one reason or an other I managed to speak to a handful of Gary Lam students recently. One of his students, Sifu Greg LeBlanc, completed the system under Gary Lam and I decided to ask him a few questions about Chum Kiu.

Lets see what he had to say:

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Sil Lim Tao Interview Round Up w/ Taner, Graziano, Rea, and Lam

We are always curious to hear the different perspectives of Wing Chun teachers from around the world.   More often than not, from lineage to lineage, or Sifu to Sifu, you will hear different answers to the same question.  Which is why we set out to ask the SAME questions about Sil Lim Tao to a handful of well known WC instructors.

First let’s introduce the Sifus we interviewed for this article.