WCI Review – Salvador Sanchez – TAOWS Academy 03 – Chi Sao

WCI Review – Salvador Sanchez – TAOWS Academy 03 – Chi Sao

Martial arts has been described by some as the natural, unfiltered, honest dialogue of the body to communicate. Sifu Salvador Sanchez brings his art of war method of Wing Tsun from the hardwood floors to the small screen in covering the unique and essential training of Chi Sau practice. Based in Murcia, Spain, with his primary language being Spanish, this video submission is supported with overdubbed English translation for most to access the message behind of the man covering a cool 63 minutes of high-definition, well-edited, instructional time.

Sifu Sanchez takes centre stage, and centreline, getting his hands in the mix in covering the “soul of (the) system”. Building from fundamentals to expanded skill sets, he sets the stage familiar to all practitioners’ journeys from introduction through experience with specific attention as to what, “goals and objectives are and what are the abilities (one) is trying to develop through the practice”, through what he refers to as a form of, “role play”, for each training partner to understand and evolve their skills.

Consistent with many other Chi Sau-centric instructional videos, the focus primarily focuses on manipulating a training partner and aggressor’s attacking initiatives to block, control, and counter-attack. However, the presenter acknowledges there are both good and bad benefits to it with a realm of influencing factors in an engagement beyond the parameters of a training environment. A preface of pragmatism versus a dogmatic approach to aspire to for practical results. Demonstration partners and Sifu Sanchez cycle through their training methods of Chi Sau from Lap Sau and moving forward to Poon Sau. With a formatted curriculum broken down into sections that both a lineage and non-familiar lineage viewer could follow easily. These sections will cover concepts found in the system’s first, second and third empty-hand forms and actions within the practice of the Wooden Dummy sets. Comprehensive and concise overviews of what his Wing Tsun offers that, at the same time, rolls along at a rather brisk pace from step-by-step explanations, to flow, to dynamic movement, to his evolution of sparring.

It’s no secret this Southern Chinese martial art is known for rapid-fire movement, and this video submission reflects that. So much so that even in review there was a considerable amount to ingest that no specific concept, drill or application took specific attention to highlight as a standout feature.

Consequently, this provided the realisation upon second viewing that depending on the experience level of the viewing audience member, there may be varying degrees of information that will be extracted upon viewing but that it will reveal its depth in greater detail with one’s training development as all lessons do.

From start to finish there was a means to an end, and Sifu Sanchez stuck to the core essence of making sure that the Poon Sau had punch to its purpose with sticking to what works.

Salvador Sanchez – TAOWS Academy 03 – Chi Sao

Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 1 hours 3 minutes.
Format: Digital Download
Availability: Everything Wing Chun Instant Access
Review by: Dwight Hennings

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