Beware Butterfly Swords

Dangerous Wing Chun Swords from Longquan.

Here is a good article warning about some cheaply made and dangerous swords currently coming out of China.

From :

“A Longquan sword maker is selling Bat Jom Do on eBay as “lqyanggu”. I suspect this the retail website:

These swords are dangerous to the user! They look pretty but are very poorly constructed! Do not buy these if you value your fingers and eyeballs. The blade is not securely attached to the handle, and the handle is actually hollow. This is hidden with the cord that wraps the handle, so you won’t even notice this critical flaw until they snap in half and you impale yourself.

Beware Butterfly Swords Wall Bags

Beware Warmonger / Pakistan Ripoffs – Blacklist/BAN

We are starting to compile a list of companies ripping Wing Chun people off. They will be on our blacklist – and we would like all of you to contribute to the list as well. Been ripped off – tell us! Maybe we can put some of these thieves out of business and warn others before they get ripped off as well.  I’ve seen too many Sifus (and customers!) ripped off to not try and make this list for all.

Topping the list right now is Warmonger – a Pakistani manufacturer.

Beware Long Pole

Beware Fake Qwan Din (Quan Dim) Poles

We did a recent search on Qwan Din (Quan Dim), and found several companies selling “quan dim” (also seen as “quam din”, and correctly as “qwan din”) poles. In every case these are 100% fake. One of the companies is selling cheap laminate poles for $89.95. We sell the same pole for <$40 and warn people on the site that they are cheap and break easily. This other company touts them as quan dim wood and of excellent quality. Beware. We found at least 3 companies selling fakes, albeit one appears to just be ignorant as to what Quan Dim is because they list it as Quan Dim and Oak on the same page.

“Qwan Din” (“Quan Dim”) originates