WCI Review – Moy Yat – Gerk Jong

WCI Review – Moy Yat – Gerk Jong

Continuing with the Moy Yat series of archived videos to digital, the magnanimous Sifu posthumously bestows his knowledge from what was once a closed-door audience to an open source platform to impart his wisdom and experience. Looking more like, “a professor than a Kung Fu guy”, dressed in a suit and tie as opposed to the traditional Chinese garb in which he often appears in his seminars, the captive audience once again enjoys a thorough and extensive look at the practising of Gerk Jong. Put pen to paper as the late figurehead of East Coast Wing Chun pens his ideas to the easel.

“You can’t learn Kung Fu from the Jong (Wooden Dummy), but you can make your Kung Fu better with the Jong”, prefaces the charismatic Sifu Moy Yat continuing to elaborate the term itself refers to “(training) equipment”. He incorporates the constructs of triangulated posts within the moy/plum blossom’s configuration to train the often overlooked, undertrained and underutilized potential of Wing Chun kicking techniques as weapons to attack and/or debilitate the would-be opponent through targeting vulnerable points of the body. A truly unique and thoroughly explored aspect of his training regimen that commands the attention of his lecture format.

Clearly, a command of training one’s footwork is crucial to unlocking the potential that the training implements may provide the practitioner. Foundations set the stage for the feet to fly supported by the seminar hosts to build upon Chi Gerk (“Sticking Legs”) training to establish the short-range of applying kicks to vital points from the knees to ankles.

Sifu Moy cites the origins of Wing Chun’s kicking actions from their formal introductions from the system’s second form Chum Kiu and the mechanics involved to applying and committing to a kick as effective as one’s punches. With those fundamentals in place, the audience moves outdoors to a Gerk Jong embedded within the earth and gets to work from post-to-post with balance, control, and conviction. No kick is delivered without conviction to communicate the consistent concept that no action should be played frivolously while also bombarding the attending and viewing audience with an abundance of information.

Moving back indoors, the late Master shares a method that one may incorporate indoors without the physical posts to challenge footwork patterns of engagement that facilitate their engaging, closing and dynamic movements that themselves can be modified into kicks.

One would think that extensively working the legs would be an exhausting day of training. From host to post, Sifu Moy Yat’s encyclopaedic knowledge will work your brain more than you can stand in one session while engaging your fundamental understandings. To extract the value of all that he shares in one sitting is impossible, as the viewer will be inspired to rise to the occasion to reach victory from the job of the feet.

Moy Yat – Gerk Jong

Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 1 hours 53 minutes.
Format: Digital Download
Availability: Everything Wing Chun Instant Access
Review by: Dwight Hennings

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