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What is the price of learning Wing Chun?

It is relatively common for a Sifu to spend over $150,000 acquiring their Kung Fu knowledge. For those who are not familiar with Sifu Fernandez, he is one of those people. He devoted the majority of his life to martial arts, WingTsun and developing his own system called WingTchunDo.

After devoting such a long period of time mastering any type of martial arts, it can be very tempting to try it out “in real life.”

However, in this post, Sifu Fernandez leaves us with a cautionary tale…

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3 Ways to Switch Up Your Wing Chun Training Regiment

If the internet has done anything, it has really expanded my Wing Chun training network.  Although I have yet to take any wild trips around the globe and take advantage of Sifu’s I have spoken to, I did manage to interview a number of teachers who really impacted how I view the system and fighting in general.

I want to take advantage of the EWC blog and share what I learned.    My goal is to compile some quick actionable items of the information I learned and share it with the Wing Chun world.

Here is what I learned:

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How to Use The Wing Chun Ring

This article is an excerpt from Tyler Rea’s Jook Wan Huen Bamboo Ring Article: The Devil is in the Details Part 5, which you can download by clicking the link. The Jook Wan Huen is trained in 2 primary ring positions, one with the arms inserted parallel to each other in the ring. The other with the arms polarized in alternating positions. For easier reading the Jook Wan Heun or Bamboo Ring/Hoop will be abbreviated to simply the JWR throughout the rest of the article.

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7 Wing Chun Training Tools to Increase Your Punching Power

One issue that many Wing Chun people struggle with is “how to punch harder.”  The truth is there is NO magic bullet or special technique that will allow you to suddenly punch harder and faster. It takes a lot of time, energy and practice. In this post we decided to talk about 7 training tools used to increase punching power that we think you should be aware of.