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WCI Review – Larry Saccoia – WCU – Applied Wing Chun – Chi Sao

Chi Sau is a signature training method, exclusive to Wing Chun, providing a platform for practitioners to practise and develop one’s applications and reflexes in real-time with a training partner. Two-Handed Chi Sau has a more glamorous, exciting perception with those who train the system to train consistently, but Sifu Larry Saccoia looks closely at building the fundamentals through Single-Hand Chi Sau to prepare you for the evolution to having both arms in action. This easy-to-follow one hour offering covers the need-to-know bases to develop consistent habits that complement the concepts, techniques, and applications the system offers. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Harinder Sinhg Sabharwal – 3 Hands Deep Vol 1-3

Martial arts, as paralleled by other disciplined pursuits requiring the development of one’s body as an instrument, have been referred to as one’s ability to communicate uniquely and honestly through the expression of one’s body as it acts and interacts in any environment. Wing Chun is one art that often uses the phrase, “talking with the hands,” with Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal opening the lines of communication and attacking with this extensive release that comprises three DVDs in a well-produced digital instalment. Over three hours of concepts, subjects, strategies and scenarios are explored to turn the talk into walk. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Greg LeBlanc’s Wing Chun Mechanics: Vol. 1

“What’s going on in a Wing Chun action is a variety of attributes (through) skills, concepts, and structural ideas,” opens Sifu Greg LeBlanc, in his first DVD release, which explores more than simply having an array of techniques in one’s repertoire, but to understand how to optimise the system’s offering to empower an individual of any skill level, body type, or experience level to be effective when employing oneself in practice and practical application. All fundamental elements that are required to become a proficient practitioner and/ or fighter are covered with incredible expertise and skill, hitting every target true through every minute comprising the 16 chapters of this production. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Randy Williams’ Bot Jom Doh Form: 108 Motions

Wing Chun’s reputation is primarily recognised for its signature Vertical Fist, Chi Sau and Wooden Dummy training to develop attributes with lightning speed and accuracy, allowing the practitioner to effectively subdue an opponent quickly with an array of weapons delivered with both arms and legs.

Of less recognition are the weapons of the system that, for generations, maintained an air of mystique and exclusivity to the versed practitioner that only the most dedicated and skilled ones would have the opportunity to learn and train. In particular, the most attractive of the two weapons, Bot Jom Doh. Sifu Randy Williams goes into depth, with the history and facts, complete form, hand details, footwork, form orientation, and one-man drills, through six chapters of this instalment. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Ian Protheroe’s Saam Sing Jong DVD

A traditional training apparatus that has roots in many Chinese Gung Fu styles is the Saam Sing Jong, translated as “Three Star Dummy,” is broken down, explored, and worked with Sifu Ian Protheroe at the helm of this instalment. Bringing over two decades of practising and teaching this scarcely practiced method of developing an aspect of one’s footwork and kicking capacities, this live-seminar presentation is straight and to the three points. For a short and sweet continuous 33-minute runtime, the audience is provided information that covers the necessities for practical understanding and application from post-to-post. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Anthony Caucci’s Kai Sai Chin Na Instructors DVD

With the likelihood of random violent attacks in the world’s urban centres becoming more frequent and extreme, there doesn’t leave much room for an honourable finish to an altercation. This is especially true when the danger of an unseen secondary or tertiary attacker exists. One must be able to control and/ or finish their opponents off decisively through rendering any of their physical weapons useless. Sifu Anthony Caucci shares his Chin Na training methods to meet the demands of settling the opponent and the score throughout the one-hour runtime of this video volume. Settle in and focus on tweaking your Wing Chun. Read Full Post

Review – Chu Shong Tin – 2004 Seminar

The history of Wing Chun continues to be documented, evolve, and written with a greater preservation of accounts and moments with today’s technological resources. None are more important to the martial arts realm than that of videos of patriarchs and figureheads that are/were historical ties to significant moments in the history of their respective art. Such is the case in having an opportunity to see one of Ip Man’s first generation of acclaimed students, who was a contributing individual in the propagation of the system’s successes from its earliest days to present, namely the late Sifu Chu Shong Tin. This video installment is one of the last recordings of the “King of Siu Nim Tau” in which his 50 years of learning, experience and teaching are shared with an abundance of detail and passion. Read Full Post