WCI Review – Moy Yat – Moy Yat Talks (Fan Sau, San Sau, Sifu)

WCI Review – Moy Yat – Moy Yat Talks (Fan Sau, San Sau, Sifu)

Two hours and twenty minutes of history caught on film of the late Sifu Moy Yat on June 16, 1990, discussing, exploring, and demonstrating an array of Wing Chun actions specifically focusing on a select few as the fundamental platform of this filmed seminar. Credit to those that kept an archive of this footage and did so well in converting the once VHS footage to modern digital.

This volume is offered in long-form with no chapter markers. So, the audience must make their own notes to bookmark sections of interest to later review—although the piece individually addresses three subjects in Fan Sao, San Sao and Sifu.

The distinguished master takes sole possession of the presentation spotlight addressing and engaging the audience from start to finish. “The meaning of Fan Sao means ‘Return’ but also means ‘Completing Hand’,” imparts Sifu Moy Yat. Communicating in detail in this first part about developing the ability to employ actions that finish an opponent off effectively. However, before exploring those actions, the pragmatist first attacks the perceptions that martial arts practitioners may fall victim to of what is, “good techniques… and bad techniques,” to offer the most practical methods, means, and solutions in engaging what will inevitably be an opponent that will not comply with the familiar constructs of drilling and a training environment.

“If one punch doesn’t take care of the job, then another one must complete (it),” continues the celebrated patriarch of his respective Wing Chun branch. Although English was Sifu Moy Yat’s second language, his ability to communicate the details of the topic articulately at hand is incredibly in-depth while striking a balance between oration and demonstration equally. The seasoned instructor seamlessly segues from statement to subject while entertaining questions from the attending audience into his presentation. The middle section of this video has been added to the final cut which is footage from another presentation edited in to expand on the finishing techniques to the fighting arena of opponent engagement known as San Sao. He adamantly communicates that one must recognise that Wing Chun is meant for fighting and that ones training and understanding must support that ultimate application of the system.

The last section sees one of his instructors take the stage to expand upon Chi Sau concepts and drilling to reinforce the information shared by Sifu Moy Yat. This section takes up approximately half of the video’s run-time exploring many aspects of the fundamental training method.

Nearly 30 years on from these lessons, the knowledge shared transcends eras, media and lineages with universal relevance. Timeless wisdom for a relatively young martial art that continues to grow thanks to such figureheads as the late master that continues to yield results.

Moy Yat – Moy Yat Talks (Fan Sau, San Sau, Sifu)

Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 2 hours 21 minutes.
Format: Digital Download
Availability: Everything Wing Chun Instant Access
Review by: Dwight Hennings

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