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Review – Keith R Kernspecht – The Myth of the Wooden Dummy

Quick Summary: This video presents the wooden dummy form and applications differently, than you would find in other productions of the same type. Yet the Muk Yan Jong form, shows as one would expect, a straightforward…

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Review – Benny Meng – Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Vol 1

Quick Summary: The video’s instruction gives a brief description of the dummy’s, origin, essentially from the southern Shaolin Schools (dei Jong). The construction of the Much Yan Jong, differ because of the environment where the Wooden…

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Review – Samuel Kwok – Mastering Wing Chun – Wooden Dummy

Quick Summary: This is a straight-forward presentation of the basics in the Wooden Dummy Wing Chun form. The Dummy is a training apparatus used to sharpen one’s skills in Wing Chun technique and applications. Study begins…

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