Review – Benny Meng – Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Vol 1

Review – Benny Meng – Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Vol 1

Quick Summary:

The video’s instruction gives a brief description of the dummy’s, origin, essentially from the southern Shaolin Schools (dei Jong). The construction of the Much Yan Jong, differ because of the environment where the Wooden Dummy is used, such as in Hong Kong. The dimensions are given for the dummy and the basic techniques used for inside and outside applications. The term Jong Sau, is used to represent structure. The concept of Structure, is strongly emphasized in applying technique while training on the dummy and in actual combat. One does not necessary need to worry about, the sequence of the Muk Yan Jong form, they can also differ according to the student’s needs. In volume one of this two part series on the Wooden Dummy, emphasis is placed on sections one through four. And on the three basic concepts in developing skilled technique. That is one must develop the proper angles, expressing the proper energy and understanding one’s personal attributes in training. This three leading principles provide the basis for the proper execution of Wing Chun applications.

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This Training video is an excellent production covering all of the basic training applications of the Muk Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy) Form.

Review Comments:

Review - Master Benny Meng - Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Vol 1Instructional videos can be a useful tool in one’s learning, provided one also has an excellent teacher in the first place…it’s important that any visual media in the martial arts, not only show, how to perform a movement properly, but also what happens, when it’s done incorrectly. This video is compact, with good training advice…with information and essentials in developing useful skills, in the Wing Chun System. The training sections provided in this production, show the proper movement in the wooden dummy form, along with the applicationsassociated with each basic technique.One can easily observe what is meant by capturing an opponent’s angle, controlling their angle and redirecting their “live energy.” For any beginner, in the Wing Chun system, this set of basic training videos, in the Muk Yan Jong form, would be an excellent investment.

Review Specifications:
Reviewer: George Hernandez
Presentation Title: Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Vol 1
Presenters:Master Benny Meng
Date: 5/20/2015

Technical Specifications:
Language: English
Format: DVD or Digital Download
DVD Format: NTSC Region 0
Resolution (download only): 720p
Running Time: 45:08 Minutes

Ratings (1-5 scale):
Sound Quality: 5
Video Quality: 5
Total Production Score: 10

Subject/Instruction Rating
Subject matter: 5
Instruction Quality: 5
Total Subject/Instruction Rating: 10

Reviewers Rating: 5
Score Subtotal:25
Total Score: 25/25= 100%

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