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WCI Review – Randy Williams – Bot Jom Doh Applications

The coveted and, at one time, exclusively guarded weapons of Wing Chun entice the practitioner’s aspirations to learn the double knives as a point of proficiency, with the allure of being amongst a committed echelon that…

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WCI Review – Randy Williams’ Bot Jom Doh Form: 108 Motions

Wing Chun’s reputation is primarily recognised for its signature Vertical Fist, Chi Sau and Wooden Dummy training to develop attributes with lightning speed and accuracy, allowing the practitioner to effectively subdue an opponent quickly with an…

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Review – Randy Williams – Look Deem Boon Gwun – Vol 2

Quick Summary: The second volume of this series demonstrates auxiliary training methods with the Long Pole, for strength development and the execution of technique. The wooden dummy is introduced with extension poles from the upper two…

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