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Review – Randy Williams – Wing Chun Wood Dummy – 6 DVDs

Review – Randy Williams – Wing Chun Wood Dummy – 6 DVDs

Quick Summary:

This series on the wooden dummy is presented in six volumes, which cover the following instructional material: (Volume 1: Section 1 – 2), (Volume 2: Section 3 – 7), (Volume 3: Section 8 – 9), (Volume 4: section 10 – 12 and Complete form), (Volume 5: Basic Exercises), (Volume 6: Advanced Exercise). Each section is presented with a title page providing the technical terms associated with the Wing Chun System. The usual instructional format begins with a demonstration of section applications on the wooden dummy, followed with a demonstration of applied technique are shown as various partner practice scenarios.

Comments on Production:

This video production and all subsequent volumes are presented in the same video format. Muk Yan Jong applications are generally shown from a side view. No overhead or in close camera angles are used, the filming of this training video would be considered straight forward and economical in its presentation.

Review Comments:

Williams - 6 DVD setMy first impression of Randy William’s regarding his performance in this video, is that he should completely redo this series. I’m assuming he has improved considerably since the making of this Muk Yan Jong training version. However, it’s certainly evident; this six volume series was produced early in his Wing Chun Career, which clearly shows, his inexperience often lacking genuine skill in the execution of technique. His method is a lock step approach… that is, “when an opponent attacks… one can respond by doing this or if you end up in such and such situation, do this technique”

I certainly understand, the intent of this pedagogical approach, however, there is too much said in explaining an application. The logic here, is that more one explains, the more you’ll understand. Williams, at times has the need to express the obvious. All his seemly endless descriptive detailed, is unnecessary and is more of a hindrance in acquiring technical skill. His style of instruction is essentially by the number, a left-brain approach, which is usually stilted and lacks natural response. He has the command of the dummy’s sequence, showing he’s able to move from one sequence to the next. His improvising or follow up from one exchange of “hands” as a counter or attack, lack inherent power and control. All of the movements look right, however, there is something definitely missing in his display of skill.

However, there is some redeeming qualities one can derive from this Muk Yan Jong, series. If you’re an experienced teacher, who understands and possess the skills and principles of Wing Chun, take from it what appears useful; structure the technique or application into its proper expressed form. Although, keep in mind, that not all applications may not be appropriate for all students. Understanding, the needs of a student and their personal attributes; being skilled in perceiving how they learn, is the key ingredient that provides the basis for a student in discovering their own potential and ability. A master teacher, cannot teach a student everything, he must instill within his students, this sense of self discovery in their chosen martial art. A good teacher must accept the idea, that a student can possess the potential in becoming better than his teacher. Every teacher in the martial arts should ask themselves, one question from time to time… an introspective and honest look into oneself, that applies to all aspects of education, whether it’s teaching chemistry or martial arts…that is to have the courage to ask; “what is it, that my students have taught me?”

Review Specifications:
Reviewer: George Hernandez
Presentation Title: Wing Chun Wood Dummy DVDs 1-6
Date: 6/1/2015

Technical Specifications:
Language: English
Format: DVD or Digital Download
DVD Format: NTSC Region 0
Resolution (download only): 720p
Running Time: Each volume in this series is about 1:00 hr each.

Ratings (1-5 scale):
Sound Quality: 3
Video Quality: 3
Total Production Score: 6

Subject/Instruction Rating
Subject matter: 5
Instruction Quality: 2
Total Subject/Instruction Rating: 7

Reviewers Rating: 2
Total Score: 16/25= 64%

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