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WCI Review – Wayne Belonoha – WBVTS – Chi Sau Styles Seminar

The hallmark cornerstone of Wing Chun is, without question, Chi Sau. The system’s unique training method offers one the platform to unlock the potential of structure, technique, and application of developing reflex reactions so that the…

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WCI Review – Leo Imamura – 2015 Seminar for Wayne Belonoha

In a platform of solidarity with his peer, Sifu Wayne Belonoha hosts Sifu Leo Imamura, a personal inspiration of his, as part of a recent intimate and interactive event, covering the general platform of Ving Tsun…

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Review – WCU – Wayne Belonoha – Hand Skills

Hand skills are the preeminent feature of the Wing Chun system and Sifu Wayne Belonoha explores, refines and demonstrates the specifications that develop dynamic movements built with firm foundations. Produced in conjunction with Wing Chun University,…

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