Review – WCU – Wayne Belonoha – Hand Skills

Review – WCU – Wayne Belonoha – Hand Skills

Hand skills are the preeminent feature of the Wing Chun system and Sifu Wayne Belonoha explores, refines and demonstrates the specifications that develop dynamic movements built with firm foundations. Produced in conjunction with Wing Chun University, this volume, in a series of installments, is very slick in production value with on-screen footnotes relative to the, pun intended, subject at hand.

Sifu Belonoha gets straight to the target in the first chapter, exploring the fundamental mechanics of the “fighting style” that supports the following chapters with working Chain Punching. Imparting the echoed wisdom of learning to relax to, “(develop) good habits that connect with other good habits”, he expands on this message to encourage the practitioner’s awareness of the why to support the how.

One of the footnotes appearing on screen during this section, when addressing the dynamic application of executing one’s punch, is that its intention changes in real time. This is an experienced insight that applies to all actions played when engaging a training partner or opponent with thorough breakdowns of all of the mechanics involved in building an effective punch from foot, to hip, to fist.

Building on the foundations set, “there’s a (lot of) stuff that’s important in integrating it all together… with a high level of competency,” before moving the lessons forward through the introduction of simultaneous punch and block techniques demonstrated in the following chapters such as Paak Da, Tan Da, Lap Da and Bong Lap Da partner drilling. With every section that focuses on the aforementioned two-hand actions, they are prefaced with their English translation with detailed breakdowns of the elements that contribute to applying them with both understanding and efficacy.

With a demonstration partner at the ready, Sifu Belonoha evolves the practice from mechanics, to an example of resulting effect on an opponent, development through drilling and pressure testing, and to ultimately evolve to practical application.

Leading by example, Sifu Belonoha sets the tone of investing patience and due diligence when practicing to temper excitement in pursuit of internalizing the techniques into controlled unconscious reflex reactions. A key message of wisdom conveyed in pursuing effectiveness in application is that one should not be bound by the simple blueprint of the how each move is played in the Siu Nim Tau form, but how it must be adopted to the specific situation and opponent for real-life fighting skills.

Although video referencing is no replacement for a live interactive training environment, Sifu Wayne Belonoha has every base covered in ensuring that the experience of his instructional volumes is a virtual supplement that thoroughly meets the criteria for a practitioner to learn and evolve their skill set, practice, and understanding. Class is in session and there’s a lot of quality material to learn and reference from time and time again.

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Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 100 min.
Format: Digital download
Availability: WCU Instant Access Download
Review by: Dwight Hennings

Review - WBVTS - Hand Skills

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