WCI Review – Leo Imamura – 2015 Seminar for Wayne Belonoha

WCI Review – Leo Imamura – 2015 Seminar for Wayne Belonoha

In a platform of solidarity with his peer, Sifu Wayne Belonoha hosts Sifu Leo Imamura, a personal inspiration of his, as part of a recent intimate and interactive event, covering the general platform of Ving Tsun as a system. Subjects covered include the philosophical, the conceptual and the practical aspects of Sifu Imamura’s experiences through learning the martial art, and what it offers everyone individually.

Consistent with other Belonoha video productions, the presenter’s topics are supported by digital footnotes that expand on terminologies and concepts in margins throughout the 48-minute run-time.

The staging area is in what seems to be a training space that translates the personal interactivity elements of this concise seminar, making the viewer seem as though they are part of the in-house environment. He opens his presentation communicating, “The bottom line (is) we are all learners, disciples, brothers of (this) path”, further cultivating an inviting platform, breaking down the walls of reverence before breaking down the system as it relates to the practice of Moy Yat Ving Tsun Gung Fu.

Sifu Imamura echoes the eternal mantra of being relaxed. Simply to encourage the attending and viewing audience to maintain composure, so that one can recognise how they are employing themselves in active engagement, rather than employing a technique that a demonstrator shows to be effective. Making the technique and system work for you, so more complicated interactions will encourage simple responses. To summarise, the management of one’s energy has the potential to influence the opponent’s reactions, without overreaction, saying, “Don’t force your way. We always have another way to do things.”

Working around the room with keen practitioners engaged in Chi Sau oriented work, the presentation moves on to manipulating lines of force and balance. In a refreshing change of pace, we see Sifu Imamura, hands-on, engaging with attendees to offer a guiding hand, supported with a smile and magnanimous disposition. “Change and go. Change and go,” to encourage pursuit of an attack line, while keeping bridges interacting with one’s training partner to focus on not feeling the need to stick to what is not working, but finding alternate lines and means of getting to the desired target point. “When we play Chi Sau, we’re not fighting,” but “learning what the other side is giving to you.”

Now that upper body activities have been given attention, the focus then shifts to whole body movement—how to move by connection of self and with the training partner or opponent. Advocating that using one’s stance is the key element to activating one’s faculties in pursuing deactivating another’s. The arms as bridges extend the legs, supported dynamically throughout each demonstration.

Although Sifu Leo Imamura’s principal language is Brazilian with an evident accent in his English, there is no miscommunication of the information he shares, and his ability to articulate in a concise manner, despite supporting subtitles, the message is clear.

Leo Imamura – 2015 Seminar Hosted by Wayne Belonoha
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