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WCI Review – Sifu Fernandez – WingTchunDo – Lesson 59 – Long Pole – Form, Chi Quan (Sticky Pole), and Lat Quan

Going back to both the literal and figurative roots that grew from fields to classrooms, seeds to trees, that gave rise to cultivating the practice of one of two of the system’s weapons, the Long Pole.…

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WCI Review – Sifu Fernandez – Body Mechanics & Connective Work

This issue’s reviews are looking at Chi Sau from fundamental concepts, structures and actions to developing dynamic practices that become practical fighting techniques from the ground up. In this offering, Sifu Fernandez of Wing Tchun Do,…

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WCI Review – Sifu Fernandez – Lesson 17 – Methods for Sparring

Fighting arts of all disciplines have their varying platforms upon which they pressure test the practices of techniques for efficacy. The most common amongst them are sparring. However, just “lacing them up and having a go”…

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