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Review – Sifu Fernandez – WCU Lesson 20: Multiple Opponents

Review – Sifu Fernandez – WCU Lesson 20: Multiple Opponents

One of the great features of living in today’s age of technology and virtually immediate information exchange is that it gives us the ability to update and add to that information without reproduction. Sifu Fernandez’s Multiple Opponents module takes full advantage, as part of a digital download product with updated seminar footage addressing the subject matter in this presentation that spans over two years. Six chapters, focusing on everyday domestic experiences and the growing trend of swarming attackers, based on his experiences of working nights in the club/bar industry.

Sifu Fernandez’s firsthand insights into the behavior of alcohol fueled party goers echoes the statistical information that many violent encounters in the aforementioned environments are common occurrences every weekend around the world. High intensity situations highlighted by his colourful choice of language break down the threat of numbers one-by-one, beginning with an understanding of the psychology and circumstances of a typical scenario. The ability to keep your head rather than lose it to the would-be gang of troublemakers, utilizing some tools to better manage the risks when one’s range and space are under threat, by being prepared for the pavement arena, where the system was designed to be used.

With the right mind-set in place, the video looks at common scenarios and formations of swarming attackers, prefaced with the words, “This isn’t a Jackie Chan movie so let’s look at things more realistically.” A matter-of-fact retort explaining that one can never know who or how the assailants will attack. Sifu Fernandez works to present such situations with the same relative spontaneity in a, “realistic fashion to offer different perspectives”. A rare, honest confession from the presenter,knowing where Wing Tchun is most useful in its strengths, and where the vulnerabilities are, beyond prefabricated, controlled training scenarios.

The same honest approach addresses that Chi Sau practice is designed to develop the reflexive tools and not the method of engaging in a fight. Expanding further that the opponents will not be willing participants to the receiving end of a practitioner’s desire to throw a succession of Chain Punches. Instead, provided are the experienced insights into how to read opportunities and handle what is served to you, and that under “extreme situations” there is nothing wrong in entertaining the flight instinct when the odds are stacked against you. Demonstrating throughout, with the help of a select group of students, what potential problems can be met with the appropriate solutions.

Sifu Fernandez does a good job stepping out of the controlled confines of situation training to the unpredictable urban arena. Practical knowledge crafted through practical experience that practitioners can arm themselves with to prepare for the most adverse of situations, especially as it relates to today’s culture of swarming or multiple attackers. No one would dispute that experience is the best teacher, however, the experience of dispute comes with many unforeseen variables that can be critical to one’s safety. A refreshing, realistic perspective that walked the walk to set the learner on a path of expanded practice and understanding

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Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 172 min.
Format: Digital Download
Resolution: HD 1080/720p
Availability: Wing Chun University
Reviewed By: Dwight Hennings


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