Review – Randy Williams – Look Deem Boon Gwun – Vol 2

Review – Randy Williams – Look Deem Boon Gwun – Vol 2

Quick Summary:

The second volume of this series demonstrates auxiliary training methods with the Long Pole, for strength development and the execution of technique. The wooden dummy is introduced with extension poles from the upper two arms of the Mook Jong, so the practitioner may properly execute pole’s basic techniques. Two man drills are employed as partner practice simulating situations where techniques can be implemented. Practicing two man drills is essential for honing movement and application against an actual person. These drills are demonstrated in moving the pole from high to low positions, executed from different stances. An overview of the Look Deem Boon form is presented, in an outside setting with performances of Randy Williams and his assistant Mario Lopez. The video concludes demonstrating basic applications of the pole versus the Butterfly Knives.

Comments on Production:

As an instructional video it has all the earmarks associated with a professional production. Again, this production is on the level of quality as volume one of this series.

Review Comments:

Review - Randy Williams - Look Deem Boon Gwun - Vol 2The heavy bag drills are practical for developing the feel in holding the pole while learning how to strike with force. However, the postures are not used properly which could maximize striking power. The ability to generate power comes from the stance, from a standing position, one does not need to sink deeply, but just slightly, while twisting from the waist, so force is extended into the pole, yet one needs to relax quickly and maintain structure, either to continue with an attack or to parry with a counter. I did not observe any real power movement exhibited in the demonstration shown. All of the practice sequences, are fundamentally correct, but they lack the type of movement which would generate sufficient power. For example, using a rooted posture, while executing the final blow in a forward movement. The movements of the joints are synced in a fashion that complement technique. However, not all is lost in practicing the drills shown, since consistent practice will provide some development, but not the esoteric force typical of well executed Kung Fu. Some innovation with the drill sequence is demonstrated where the poles are extended from the wooden dummy, this of course, is a simulation of a person attacking while holding a pole. It’s unfortunate, there’s not enough close-in shots taken demonstrating proper movement of the waist and hands. Again, a well-executed form is more than a sequence of movements.

Reviewer: George Hernandez
Presentation Title: Look Deem Boon Gwun – Vol 2
Presenters: Randy Williams
Date: 5/15/2015

Technical Specifications:
Language: English
Format: DVD or Digital Download
DVD Format: NTSC Region 0
Resolution (download only): 720p
Running Time: 60 minutes

Ratings (1-5 scale):
Sound Quality: 5
Video Quality: 5
Total Production Score: 8

Subject/Instruction Rating
Subject matter: 5
Instruction Quality: 4
Total Subject/Instruction Rating: 9

Reviewers Rating: 4
Total Score: 21/25 = 84%

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