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WCI Review – Clive Potter – Wooden Dummy Seminar

Everyone’s favourite training device, the Ving Tsun Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Jong), takes the centreline stage for 75 minutes, shot live from the floor of Sifu Clive Potter’s class, where specific attention was given to the apparatus.

Following an overview of the Muk Yan Jong’s history and the relevance of each limb configuration, we engage the practice of the form, its structures and actions with perspectives that cover the angles of engagement from concept to application, from start to finish. Read Full Post

5 Wing Chun Dummy Blueprints

The Muk Yan Jong (木人樁; pinyin: mùrénzhuāng; Yale Cantonese: muk6 yan4 jong1; literally “wooden man post”) is a wooden dummy used in Chinese martial arts training. It is associated with the martial art of Wing Chun and other Kung Fu styles of Southern China.

The muk yan jong has three arms and one leg, which represents an opponent’s body in various positions. The wooden slats on which the muk yan jong is traditionally mounted have a springiness that is similar to a human opponent’s involuntary reaction and allows the user to practice absorbing energy into his stance. Read Full Post

Review – Randy Williams – Wing Chun Wood Dummy – 6 DVDs

Quick Summary:

This series on the wooden dummy is presented in six volumes, which cover the following instructional material: (Volume 1: Section 1 – 2), (Volume 2: Section 3 – 7), (Volume 3: Section 8 – 9), (Volume 4: section 10 – 12 and Complete form), (Volume 5: Basic Exercises), (Volume 6: Advanced Exercise). Each section is presented with a title page providing the technical terms associated with the Wing Chun System. The usual instructional format begins with a demonstration of section applications on the wooden dummy, followed with a demonstration of applied technique are shown as various partner practice scenarios. Read Full Post

Review – Darrell Jordan – Muk Yan Jong DVD

Quick Summary:

This training video is presented in five basic categories. Instruction starts with preparatory drills, to condition one’s arms in striking the dummy using the basic techniques while hitting the Jong arms, from there outside and inside position. These preparation drills, demonstrate the fundamental hand techniques of used in Wing Chun, such as the Tan, Bong, Gong, Quan, Huen and the Double Jut Sau. The form is broken down into ten training sections, demonstrating the various hands and kicking techniques of the Muk Yan Jong form. However, there is no demonstration showing how the various Wing Chun, hand and kicking techniques are used in applications. Sifu Jordan, demonstrates the wooden dummy form at full speed and has, two of his instructors present the form as well. Of further interest, the Muk Yan Jong shown in this video, its leg stake is bent with its end pointing downward toward the main body of the Wooden Dummy. This simulates a person standing with a natural posture versus an opponent extending a leg slightly forward. Read Full Post