the Modern Dummy Stand Gets an Update – Warrior/MasterPath

the Modern Dummy Stand Gets an Update – Warrior/MasterPath

If you are interested in purchasing a free-standing wooden dummy, you will be happy to know that all the stands by Warrior Martial Arts and MasterPath sell recently got an update prompted by a YouTube video by Sifu Freedie Lee.

freddie-youtube1Sifu Freddie Lee recently made some videos talking about how free-standing dummies often come lose on their base and start to wobble. 3 of the 4 dummies he showed came from the Everything Wing Chun store, although each one was made by a different carpenter/vendor and made slightly differently. (BTW, you can check out Freddie’s youTube Channel here:

Everything Wing Chun only wants to sell the best merchandise, so when they saw these videos, and an area that needed improvement, they immediately acted.

Everything Wing Chun briefly made free-standing wooden dummies and their design never had this problem. So they started up a conversation with Sifu Lee and the owner of Warrior Martial Arts, James Biggica, to address and fix this wobble issue from happening in the future.

MFS Update 2EWC showed Warrior their old design and discussed ways Warrior could change their construction. This collaboration allowed James from Warrior to come up with a very solid design of his own – which should prevent any issues like Sifu Lee had from happening to you!

MFS Update 3We want to thank James for being so willing and acting very quickly making the change to his stands. He really stands behind his products and has great customer service – which is one reason Everything Wing Chun is happy to work Warrior and promote their dummies on the EWC site. There are a lot of really poor dummy makers/specs/models out there and many do not stand behind their product at all. If you buy a Warrior or MasterPath dummy, rest assured you are getting one of the best.

Checkout the video below, by James from Warrior Martial Arts, for the full details.


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