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WCI Review – Sifu Fernandez – Lesson 17 – Methods for Sparring

Fighting arts of all disciplines have their varying platforms upon which they pressure test the practices of techniques for efficacy. The most common amongst them are sparring. However, just “lacing them up and having a go” will not provide one with the analytical and strategic tools to hone one’s faculties from soft sparring to more intense exchanges not too far from the intensity of engaging a domestic or competitive opponent. Sifu Fernandez goes through varying stages of development, from contact range to disengaged fighting ranges, putting his system of Wing Tchun Do to work. Read Full Post

Review – Sifu Fernandez Lesson 27: Chi Sao: Reactivating Your…

sifu fernandez lesson 27 chi sao reactivating your joints for great chi sao

Reactivating Your Joints for Great Chi Sao is Sifu Fernandez’s 27th Wing Chun University Lesson. Limber up to get ready for a lesson on loosening up as Sifu Fernandez takes a look at not only having proactive, but reactive reflexes to help one unlock Chi Sao’s potential. That sometimes what’s being blocked is not your training partner’s or opponent’s attacks as is the limited reaction of to how to respond to being tied up in the traffic jams of arms and positions of engagement. “How many times do you feel this way and don’t know what to do about it?” he asks. It should be noted that Sifu Fernandez also embraces the potential of digital downloading, as this video presentation comes with the original 2013 piece together with an updated 2014 module.
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Review – Sifu Fernandez – WCU Lesson 20: Multiple Opponents


One of the great features of living in today’s age of technology and virtually immediate information exchange is that it gives us the ability to update and add to that information without reproduction. Sifu Fernandez’s Multiple Opponents module takes full advantage, as part of a digital download product with updated seminar footage addressing the subject matter in this presentation that spans over two years. Six chapters, focusing on everyday domestic experiences and the growing trend of swarming attackers, based on his experiences of working nights in the club/bar industry. Read Full Post

What is the price of learning Wing Chun?


It is relatively common for a Sifu to spend over $150,000 acquiring their Kung Fu knowledge. For those who are not familiar with Sifu Fernandez, he is one of those people. He devoted the majority of his life to martial arts, WingTsun and developing his own system called WingTchunDo.

After devoting such a long period of time mastering any type of martial arts, it can be very tempting to try it out “in real life.”

However, in this post, Sifu Fernandez leaves us with a cautionary tale… Read Full Post

What is WingTchunDo?


Ever wonder,  “What is the deal with WingTchunDo (WTD)?”  For this post, Scott decided to sit down and have a chat with founder of WTD, Sifu Fernandez. We learned about his fighting background, who he trained with, and what his version of Wing Chun stands for.

We felt it might also be good to give some of the newer readers a quick reference on the names, without going into details behind each one:
– Wing Chun: the generic name of the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu (There are many spellings).  It refers to the art as a whole and encompasses all lineages and styles.
– Ving Tsun: a widely used spelling of the art of Wing Chun.  It is used to differentiate some lineages from others. All Ving Tsun is from Ip Man students.
– WingTsun: A trademarked version of Wing Chun that represents Sifu Leung Ting’s system of the art. Leung Ting was an Ip Man student.
– WingTchunDo: Sifu Fernandez’s trademarked name to represent his evolution of the art.
– Others: Other spellings are also usually derivatives of Leung Ting’s WingTsun.  For example, Sifu Sergio’s WingTjun. Thommy Luke Boehlig’s WingTsjun, Emin Boztepe’s WingTzun, etc.  There are many others. This most occurs when the Sifu breaks away from the main Leung Ting lineage and starts their own trademarked version of the art.

So, now let’s see what Sifu Fernandez has to say about WingTchunDo!:

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Review – Sifu Fernandez – WingTchunDo Dynamic Pak Sao Drills

WCI Review - Fernandez - Pak Sao

Speed kills! That’s the concept that Sifu Fernandez presents to us as part of his Dynamic Pak Sao Drills DVD and the pace in which it is presented.

The DVD begins with a montage blast of varying Pak Sao drills and applications to offer a mere glimpse into his two partner drills, system, and what’s in store for the viewer over the next 68 minutes. Now that you have an idea of the content, Sifu Fernandez is ready to go and off to the races. There is no time wasted with a tutorial, but straight into the first foundation building Pak Sao Drill to give the viewer an idea of the mechanics and practice behind making his system work efficiently for you. Read Full Post