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WCI Review – Moy Yat – Trace of Ving Tsun Roots 1

Continuing with the analogue to digital conversion release of one of many volumes of the late Sifu Moy Yat’s video releases is this submission of an oral history of Ving Tsun Gung Fu as his scholastic and personal accounts have revealed. What could be weeks of conversations enjoyed over tea is condensed into a concise 75-minute runtime, regarding Sifu Moy’s history of involvement in the celebrated Chinese martial art.

Moy Yat was also known as a passionate scholar of the system and a preservationist of traditional Chinese implements that complement the rich history in calligraphy, the Kuen Kuit (Ving Tsun Fist Parables Chops), and now in modern technological format through video, with excerpts of archival video footage from his own collection, sharing his perspectives in an oral and visual history form to the viewing audience. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Tony Chan – Wing Chun Free Fighting 1

Many people pursue martial arts for a variety of interests, whether they are for fitness, hobby, relative cultural interest, or for what they provide universally fighting and/or self-defence skills. Picking up a few techniques along the way is inherent if one does not choose the path of a challenge, tournament, or prize fighter, but there is more to becoming proficient than just drilling and practice.
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WCI Review – Tony Massengill – Chin Na

Breaking from standard Wing Chun presentations, Sifu Tony Massengill attacks the joints point by point to expand one’s martial arts arsenal with Chin Na, “which is the Chinese art of capture, control and destruction.” It is a concise look at engaging an opponent through exercising skeletal manipulation of one’s opponent, not only to immobilise, but also to render any opportunity of recovery or counter measures ineffective. Lock down 45 minutes to set into a thorough and detailed video offering that anyone from a novice to an experienced practitioner will appreciate.

Sifu Massengill does well to articulate all details that not only go into creating and employing the varying joint locks, but addressing the essentials required to make them most effective in an array of engaging scenarios with an attacker. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Leo Imamura – 2015 Seminar for Wayne Belonoha

In a platform of solidarity with his peer, Sifu Wayne Belonoha hosts Sifu Leo Imamura, a personal inspiration of his, as part of a recent intimate and interactive event, covering the general platform of Ving Tsun as a system. Subjects covered include the philosophical, the conceptual and the practical aspects of Sifu Imamura’s experiences through learning the martial art, and what it offers everyone individually.

Consistent with other Belonoha video productions, the presenter’s topics are supported by digital footnotes that expand on terminologies and concepts in margins throughout the 48-minute run-time.
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Verstehen Sie Duetch? Sifu Niko’s First 2 DVDs are now online.

Sifu Niko has released the first 2 of his 12 DVD set for download.

These well-made DVDs are in German, but English speakers can still follow-along easily.

These are the first Wing Tsun-teaching-DVDs on the market to show thoroughly and clearly the full system. Sifu Niko professionally demonstrates Wing Tsun techniques in a detailed and easily understandable way.

These DVDs are equally well suited for both beginners and instructors!
– For the beginner for self-study.
– For instructors as the basis for their teaching. Read Full Post