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March 2013 coupons

Everything Wing Chun Coupon for 5% off: March5

Digital Giveaway and Coupons:

This month we are also giving away 2 free digital downloads of your choice. To enter, all you need to do is order a digital download (from either EWC Instant Access or the Wing Chun University) before midnight March 31st 2013 using a 5% off coupon! Every purchase is an extra chance to win. The winner (drawn at random from all participants) will get 2 free downloads!

Coupon for EWC Instant Access: march5
Coupon for Wing Chun University: wcu-march5

End-Date for all coupons is March 31st, 2013.  They can be used multiple times, but not in combo with another coupon.

Verstehen Sie Duetch? Sifu Niko’s First 2 DVDs are now online.

Sifu Niko has released the first 2 of his 12 DVD set for download.

These well-made DVDs are in German, but English speakers can still follow-along easily.

These are the first Wing Tsun-teaching-DVDs on the market to show thoroughly and clearly the full system. Sifu Niko professionally demonstrates Wing Tsun techniques in a detailed and easily understandable way.

These DVDs are equally well suited for both beginners and instructors!
– For the beginner for self-study.
– For instructors as the basis for their teaching. Read Full Post