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A few TV Shows/Movies EWC has helped with, or had products in.

Everything Wing Chun has been involved with, or sold products to, quite a few TV shows and movies over the years. While nothing so glamorous as doing the fight choreography for one of the Ip Man movies or training one of the actors in Wing Chun like some of our Wing Chun friends have, it is still nice to be involved in our own way. Especially since the owner has written, acted, and done some fight choreography of his own back in the day. So these are just a few of the shows the company Everything Wing Chun has been a part of in a small way. Read Full Post

Buick Yip Swords Given to Mike Tyson at Ip Man 3 Opening

We found this to be interesting. At the opening to the Film, “Ip Man 3”, a pair of swords designed for the Everything Wing Chun site by Buick Yip were given to Mike Tyson and used in demos by Donnie Yen. You can see Buick’s calligraphy on the swords if you look carefully. It says “Wing Chun” on one blade and “Bot Jarm Do” (8-Cut Swords, the name for the butterfly swords) on the other. Read Full Post

New! Wayne Belonoha’s 9 Volume Ving Tsun Blu-Ray Series

Sifu Wayne Belonoha has just released a really awesome 9 Blu-Ray disk set on Ving Tsun Kung Fu. This set is the highest-quality production of any Wing Chun instructional video we’ve even seen (and we’ve seen over 700 to date!). Sifu Wayne is an excellent instructor and his Wing Chun University course is the best-selling Wing Chun video series of all time. So naturally we were very excited about his latest project. But since Sifu Wayne has 55 video lessons and 3 books already, we were also a bit curious about what this new DVD series would cover. So we sat down with Sifu Belonoha and picked his brain. This is what we learned: Read Full Post

New! Buick Yip Bookmarks – Free For Owners of His Dummies

Buick Yip has decided to make a limited series of hand-written, custom made bookmarks for customers that own his dummies. If you want one all you have to do is email Everything Wing Chun (email address is on their site) with your address and proof of ownership. These are NOT available for sale, they are only offered to owners of his dummies.

Just like with his scrolls, Buick does the deep breathing calligraphy when making each bookmark. Each one is hand-made and unique, written by Buick himself. You can get any one of the following 12 bookmarks: Read Full Post

Win a free pair of our Butterfly Swords!

Win a free pair of our Butterfly Swords (up to $449 in value) when you share your Wing Chun Pictures and Videos with us!

A lot of you, our kung-fu brothers and sisters, ask us to promote you and share your pictures and videos on our social media sites. Generally speaking, we do not do this because we are a neutral organization that supports all versions and lineages of Wing Chun – and promoting certain people or lineages that are not selling products via our site would look like favoritism towards a lineage or Sifu.

However, we do want to promote Wing Chun and many of you also really deserve recognition as well. So what we have decided to do is ask all of you to send us pictures and videos that we can use on our sites (Facebook and Google+, etc). This will give you a chance to get seen by tens of thousands of dedicated Wing Chunners; and will help us promote Wing Chun in all of its variety. Read Full Post

Dangerous Wing Chun Swords form Longquan.

Here is a good article warning about some cheaply made and dangerous swords currently coming out of China.

From :

“A Longquan sword maker is selling Bat Jom Do on eBay as “lqyanggu”. I suspect this the retail website:

These swords are dangerous to the user! They look pretty but are very poorly constructed! Do not buy these if you value your fingers and eyeballs.The blade is not securely attached to the handle, and the handle is actually hollow. This is hidden with the cord that wraps the handle, so you won’t even notice this critical flaw until they snap in half and you impale yourself. Read Full Post