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WCI Review – Jonthan Petree’s Complete Wall Bag Training

Building the right skillsets requires the right tools for the job. The Wing Chun wall-bag, although not exclusive but universally trained in the system, is a fundamental and essential training implement that never ceases to provide the practitioner the platform to continue to build strong structures, techniques, and coordination in developing strong punching power.Here, Sifu Jonathan Petree works the audience through eight chapters of insights and practice, with a tool that can easily turn any space, anywhere into an impromptu practice space, or for the school environment. Read Full Post

Review – Jonathan Petree – Complete Wall Bag Training Regimen

If you are looking to get started with a Wing Chun wall bag, Jonathan Petree’s video “Complete Wall Bag Training Regimen For Developing Striking Power” is an excellent video to watch.   He teaches everything from why you need to add wall bag training into your current regiment, to how to properly use your horse, to how to install it, to how to hit the bag and why. Read Full Post

7 Wing Chun Training Tools to Increase Your Punching Power

wing chun punching power

One issue that many Wing Chun people struggle with is “how to punch harder.”  The truth is there is NO magic bullet or special technique that will allow you to suddenly punch harder and faster. It takes a lot of time, energy and practice. In this post we decided to talk about 7 training tools used to increase punching power that we think you should be aware of.

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Review – Canvas 3-Section Wall Bag

wing chun wall bag

After breaking my single section wall bag, I decided to replace it with a 3 section wall bag.  My goal was to get something that will last a long time and I never used before. I watched a few online videos and it just seemed like I could do more stuff with a 3-section bag. From what I saw it looked like I could train more combinations and even kicks.

Now that I have it, I’ve come to the conclusion the 3-section wall bag made by Everything Wing Chun is a pretty cool piece of equipment. Read Full Post

New Unique Wing Chun Wall Bags and Iron Palm Bag

Everything Wing Chun recently released their latest line of wall bags (sand bags), and introduced their first Iron Palm bag (with leather or synthetic leather striking surface), which is getting rave reviews!

Check out these unique bags: Head Bag, Skinny Bag, Chin Bag, Cut Diamond, and 5-section wall bag.

We also released some new 1-section bags, including an all black bag. The 3-section bags also got updated.

There are now a lot of options to choose from – all of them are great, so if you have trouble picking one just email us for advice! Read Full Post


For all the technique and execution that can be honed via punching, kicking, or otherwise striking at air, it’s difficult to attain true practical mastery of any striking martial art without actually making contact with something solid.

After all, would the All-Pro lineman who never hits a blocking sled or clean-up hitter who never sees the inside of a batting cage please step forward? Anyone?

Shadowboxing may develop execution and speed, but only hitting an actual surface that provides some resistance ties power to technique. With that in mind, every Wing Chun kung fu student worth his or her salt ought to own at least one set of sand punching pads. Read Full Post