WCI Review – Jonthan Petree’s Complete Wall Bag Training

WCI Review – Jonthan Petree’s Complete Wall Bag Training

Building the right skillsets requires the right tools for the job. The Wing Chun wall-bag, although not exclusive but universally trained in the system, is a fundamental and essential training implement that never ceases to provide the practitioner the platform to continue to build strong structures, techniques, and coordination in developing strong punching power.Here, Sifu Jonathan Petree works the audience through eight chapters of insights and practice, with a tool that can easily turn any space, anywhere into an impromptu practice space, or for the school environment.

wall-bag-trainingThe wall-bag, “allows you to condition the structures in the arm… so that you can have a strong, stable structure when you strike something.” Petree establishes, logically, the necessity of effectively delivering blows that will injure the opponent, rather than one’s self. Establishing sound positioning, while setting the feet in a basic stance via Yi Ji Kim Yeung Ma, for a range that is functional to connect the base from ground to fist, will not suffer destabilising consequences from being too far or too close to the target.

Sifu Petree elaborates the importance of supporting physiological structures in quoting Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” in that one should be able to equally withstand impact feedback from the punch as much as delivering one. Learning not only to recognise the connection’s immediate geometrical alignment, but to heighten awareness of what points of the body, such as the elbows, knees, and other joints, assume the burden of delivery and support. And, of course, shoulders stay down and relaxed to isolate the elbow as the source of delivery.

With foundations set, we move on to exploring the arsenal of hand actions that can be employed in practice, beyond the fundamental Yat Ji Chung Kuen (“Vertical Punch”). Virtually every weapon found in the first and second empty-hand forms of the system in fist or open-hand shapes are given an opportunity to be worked with the wallbag, including the retracting or chambering elbow action, found in the opening actions of either form, and at the completion of their played cycle, and other elbow striking actions.

The focus of employment shifts to working blind positions of having one’s back to an attacker to recovering position, while inflicting damage. Whether the situation finds a practitioner realising the threat of a second or tertiary attacker, or of falling victim to an unsuspecting bear-hug to initiate preliminary damage to disrupt the assailant, establishing position, then facing the individual from simple moves to more elaborate sequences, covering target points from head to midsection to groin.

Sifu Petree offers his perspective and variety in practising the wall-bag to, “be powerful through proper positioning and relaxation.” With proper time and work, a practitioner will build foundations through proper development and diversified methods to shake the building’s foundations with knuckles that knock out.

Jonthan Petree – Complete Wall Bag Training Regimen For Developing Striking Power
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Review by: Dwight Hennings


WCI Review - Jonthan Petree's Complete Wall Bag Training DVD

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