Review – Canvas 3-Section Wall Bag

Review – Canvas 3-Section Wall Bag

After breaking my single section wall bag, I decided to replace it with a 3 section wall bag.  My goal was to get something that will last a long time and I never used before. I watched a few online videos and it just seemed like I could do more stuff with a 3-section bag. From what I saw it looked like I could train more combinations and even kicks.

Now that I have it, I’ve come to the conclusion the 3-section wall bag made by Everything Wing Chun is a pretty cool piece of equipment.

Quality and Construction:

When I first got my bag, I was impressed that the quality was so much higher than the cheap white one I had been using previously. I like the fact that they make them really tough – you can punch the heck out of it, and it won’t break like other bags.  They even wing chun wall bagoffer a two year guarantee, although I don’t think I will ever need it.


I find it to be a pretty good space saving solution for Wing Chun training. If you had a heavy bag, it swings all over the place, which is not great if you have limited space. However, if you are like me and train in the garage or have lots of space, it would complement your heavy bag very well.

The D-rings at the top are also very helpful. You can hang it from anywhere. It offers a really nice way to mix up my training. I personally like to run to the park and hang my bag from a nearby chain link fence.   If you decide to do this, just make sure you have a few of those rock climbing carabiner clips, and the area you hang it from has a post behind it.

How to use it:

You punch it over and over! What I like most about it is that it offers more than one section to hit; you can do more than practice a simple straight punch.  When you see advance Wing Chun practitioners training, they will not always throw their punches in a straight line. Instead many will try by throwing different combinations, some punches lower than others, some higher.

The basic idea is that you are not always attacking your opponent the same way. You become harder to track and your body builds different paths of neurology.  You don’t get “locked” into doing the same thing over and over again.

Does it help condition your fists?

The short answer, yes. One thing lots of Wing Chun people over look is that if you are going to punch someone, can your fists handle it?  There is no easy way around this one. Lots of people skip this step and you want to make sure you aren’t going to hurt yourself.

As a martial artist, it is important not to always just punch in the air. Many Wing Chun people get trapped in Chi Sau, never training the basics of combat. Conditioning not only your fists, but your body is extremely important. 


I’m happy to say this is a fairly low cost product. If you buy a heavy bag or a wooden dummy, there are some hidden costs associated with a normal heavy bag or wooden dummy that you don’t have here.  For instance, with the heavy bag you have to consider how you are going to hang it. With the dummy, it is possible you might have to mount it on your wall and/or floor.

With the wall bag, it is pretty straight forward. You can clip it on something, put a couple nails in the wall or etc. Just make sure you do not hang it on a surface that will break.

Final thoughts

Worth it! I have a few friends that also train Wing Chun, I’m going to get this as their next birthday gift!!

– Scott Moses

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  1. Which Bag is the better
    The Ultimate Wall Bag 03 – Three Section v6 – Genuine Leather VS Ultimate Heavy-Duty Wall Bag 03 – Three Section v7 – Nylon/Genuine Leather.
    What is the differences?

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