New Unique Wing Chun Wall Bags and Iron Palm Bag

New Unique Wing Chun Wall Bags and Iron Palm Bag

Everything Wing Chun recently released their latest line of wall bags (sand bags), and introduced their first Iron Palm bag (with leather or synthetic leather striking surface), which is getting rave reviews!

Check out these unique bags: Head Bag, Skinny Bag, Chin Bag, Cut Diamond, and 5-section wall bag.

We also released some new 1-section bags, including an all black bag. The 3-section bags also got updated.

There are now a lot of options to choose from – all of them are great, so if you have trouble picking one just email us for advice!

Here are a just a few of the new unique Everything Wing Chun Ultimate wall bags:

Iron Palm – This bag is 12×14 in and can be struck on both sides.  The double layered striking surface, zipper flap, and heavy duty canvas will guarantee it lasts you a long time! The bag is made for use on a flat surface and does not have rings to hang by (or get in the way of your iron palm training!)

Cut Diamond, Head Bag, Skinny Bag – These 3 bags were all made to be hung from 1 D-ring instead of multiple rings.  They are great for people on the go or who want the bag to hang on a single post or small area.  The Skinny bag, for example, works awesomely on a standard 4×4 post – like the one on a dummy floor stand or a porch. The skinny bag is also great to use on the sides of a striking station. The extra length gives you a lot more room to play with.  The Head Bag, which was designed to be more like a human head, is really fun to use and the slight roundness and chin angles make it our current favorite to hit!  The Cut Diamond is just an overall good bag.  It is about the perfect size to take with you on a trip, yet holds enough filling to help you develop a really strong punch.

The Chin Bag – This is a popular choice as it is essentially just like our famous square wall bag with a “chin” area on the bottom to compress the sand and give you some angles to work with. It also has 2 tie-down grommets.

The 5-Section Bag – This bag is based on an idea by Andyz at Cranes, who wanted to print a person on it. The 5 sections are great for schools where both adults and kids train and/or where kicks as well as punches are trained on bags. About 5 feet long, it allows one to train strikes at any level.  Careful, though, it can get quite heavy when filled.

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