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Review – Sifu Sergio – Kam Na 2

Gaining control over a potentially dangerous attacker is one thing, but rendering their resources moot sometimes requires more than an arsenal of techniques intended to physically demolish them. Learning to lock up an unruly individual is especially relevant to those working in the security field, where demolishing someone will be met with legal consequences in today’s society, as the consequences befall the retaliator before the instigator. In this second installment in his video series on locks and submissions, Sifu Sergio Iadarola wastes no time in getting his hands working with an extra look at Chinese Joint Locks. Read Full Post

Review – Sifu Sergio – 1st Section Chi Sao Part 1

WCI Review - Sergio CS1

Sifu Sergio invites you to be a virtual class participant in this installment of his Ip Man Wing Chun Series. There is a lot of information provided in this nearly forty minute DVD—the short run time turns into a piece of reference material that will find you pausing and reviewing repeatedly to make his system work for you.

After a short introduction and prelude to the DVD’s training content, Sifu Sergio gets right to the Chi Sao lessons through basic attack actions with the complimenting footwork and the simple lines that the practitioner would need to recognize to employ the actions according to the drill.

Basic actions such as Taan Sao, Bong Sao, Pak Sao, and Fook Sao to develop the effective, “transfer of force” takes the spotlight through footwork and coordination. This sets the tone for each drill to follow with Sifu Sergio’s emphasis on how to practice, execute, and see the properties of the hand actions come to life to their potential. Read Full Post

Review – Sifu Sergio – Ip Man Series: Siu Nim Tao and Applications

Recently I decided to pick up one of Sifu Sergio’s DVDs called “Ip Man Wing Chun Series Siu Nim Tau and variations.”  If you are not familiar with Sergio, he is known for traveling the world and learning from various well known teachers.   Being that he was influenced by and completed numerous lineages, he often holds a different perspective then what many would call main stream Ip Man Wing Chun.  Hearing his thoughts is always interesting and really makes me wonder about what other types of styles are out there.

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7 Wing Chun Training Tools to Increase Your Punching Power

wing chun punching power

One issue that many Wing Chun people struggle with is “how to punch harder.”  The truth is there is NO magic bullet or special technique that will allow you to suddenly punch harder and faster. It takes a lot of time, energy and practice. In this post we decided to talk about 7 training tools used to increase punching power that we think you should be aware of.

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Review – Sifu Sergio Past and Present DVD

One thing I have learnt in my time of writing for WCI is to be open-minded. Yes, there is some very poor Wing Chun out there, but there is also some outstanding stuff too, and sometimes this instruction can come from outside of my own lineage.

Hopefully, you already know Sifu Sergio from his excellent articles in previous WCI issues and you probably realise that he is an expert on the history of Wing Chun. However, does that mean that he can make a good instructional DVD? The simple answer is: yes. Read Full Post