Review – Sifu Sergio – 1st Section Chi Sao Part 1

Review – Sifu Sergio – 1st Section Chi Sao Part 1

Sifu Sergio invites you to be a virtual class participant in this installment of his Ip Man Wing Chun Series. There is a lot of information provided in this nearly forty minute DVD—the short run time turns into a piece of reference material that will find you pausing and reviewing repeatedly to make his system work for you.

After a short introduction and prelude to the DVD’s training content, Sifu Sergio gets right to the Chi Sao lessons through basic attack actions with the complimenting footwork and the simple lines that the practitioner would need to recognize to employ the actions according to the drill.

Basic actions such as Taan Sao, Bong Sao, Pak Sao, and Fook Sao to develop the effective, “transfer of force” takes the spotlight through footwork and coordination. This sets the tone for each drill to follow with Sifu Sergio’s emphasis on how to practice, execute, and see the properties of the hand actions come to life to their potential.

Sifu Sergio takes those fundamental concepts and evolves from single to two-handed coordinated actions, defences, attacks, and positions of control. The instruction is presented well in showing how the basic skills can evolve to become more live and, ultimately, demonstrating how to use the sum total of that information to gain control of one’s training partner with the ultimate goal to apply them to a live opponent.

Where some instructional DVDs on Chi Sao would only revolve around the Poon Sao or Double Hand Chi Sao actions lies a bonus in this presentation exploring the Laap Sao drill in all its properties. The structure, angle, energies, and fundamental concepts to building the practitioner’s Laap Sao drill and skill sets are covered in detail.

Credit goes to Sifu Sergio for reminding the practitioner that the drills are just drills and not sparring. Many hours of training in a well presented instructional format for, “those Ip Man Wing Chun people who practised the style of Ip Man from his later days in teaching. In particular, those of the Leung Ting lineage.” Encouraging to take the training seriously, he shares a smile to also remember to have fun with it.

Sifu Sergio – 1st Section Chi Sao Part 1
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Number of Discs: 1
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Review by: Dwight Hennings

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