Sifu Sergio’s 3 New Chi Sao DVDs

Sifu Sergio’s 3 New Chi Sao DVDs

Sifu Sergio has released 3 more DVDs on Chi Sao – Sections 2, 3, and 7. These DVDs take you through the Leung Ting lineage chi sao sections as they were personally taught to Sifu Sergio from Grandmaster Leung Ting:
(digital versions here)

– Learn the 2nd section in detail
– Learn the correct way of using the shoulder as a weapon.
– Learn several devastating joint locks and escapes
– Learn a special Wing Chun lock escape throw
– And much much more…


– You will learn the third section in detail
– You will learn the outdoor Kwan Sao
– Applications of the third section
– The devastating tornado elbow technique
– And much much more…


– Learn the 7th section in detail
– See the techniques of the 7th section used in free Chi Sao
– Learn the two versions of the 7th section
– the classical Hong Kong Leung Ting Style way
– and the special isometric power version
– And much much more…

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