Review – Sifu Sergio – Kam Na 2

Review – Sifu Sergio – Kam Na 2

Gaining control over a potentially dangerous attacker is one thing, but rendering their resources moot sometimes requires more than an arsenal of techniques intended to physically demolish them. Learning to lock up an unruly individual is especially relevant to those working in the security field, where demolishing someone will be met with legal consequences in today’s society, as the consequences befall the retaliator before the instigator. In this second installment in his video series on locks and submissions, Sifu Sergio Iadarola wastes no time in getting his hands working with an extra look at Chinese Joint Locks.

Sifu Sergio recognizes that an attacker is never the polite, compliant person that gladly goes with the flow of being subdued by a martial artist. With this in mind, he introduces a series of “live drills” to develop a feel and flow of interacting with a live opponent to evolve a variety of applications designed to incapacitate that unruly character. It is especially encouraging to watch the interaction played with intensity directed toward vital target areas from the groin to the head based on an attack and response partner cycle. With reflex reactions triggered, the audience is introduced to a series of shut-down manoeuvres from the familiar ranges that pre-exist in Wing Chun partner drilling, as well as some of the most compromising.

Obviously, with training submission actions that may constrict the windpipe, arteries, rib cage and other vital areas with a training partner one, “must suffer a little bit,” as Sifu Sergio so eloquently explains to his demonstration partner, who happens to shriek and writhe in pain with every one of the half dozen techniques and their variations. With a firm grip on your skill set, which will be applied to another, is the introduction of bridging, subduing, and restraining the attacker with isolating arm locks and chokes. With the explosiveness of a constricting snake, he springs at the threat by initiating striking actions to cause preliminary damage, and then coils his limbs around the throat and/or vulnerable joints with the evolved examples being pretzel-like configuration of both. Leverage of body and position to maximize stress on the opponent’s body gets repeated emphasis and broken down to their relative efficacy to each of the submission exercises shared.

Especially interesting to anyone who is a fan of Sifu Sergio’s pursuit of all varieties of Ving Tsun, Wing Chun, Wing Tsun, etc. is the reference of how the locking and submitting techniques shown play prominent roles in the southern Mainland China branches of Tang Yik and Chi Sim Wing Chun.

The conclusion of this video production tied up nicely with a private hands-on demonstration by Grandmaster Cheng Kwong of Kam Na on Sifu Sergio himself. Age proves once again that its wisdom through experience will contain the vigor of youth, only getting better with time. This is an installment to a video series that parallels the path of achieving expertise with the effectiveness of an expanded resource pool containing both locks and submissions.

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Review - Sifu Sergio - Kam Na 2

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