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Review – Sam Chan – Ip Man Wing Chun Series – Bot Jam Dao

Quick Summary:

Sifu Sam Chan demonstrates several Wu Shu weapon forms while emphasizing the need to understand the characteristics of each weapon and how the butterfly knives, in particular, are based on the structure of the Sil Lim Tao, the footwork of the Chum Que and the power of the Bil Gee form. The practitioner’s skill is keenly exemplified as the ability to use the hands in a multiple fashion while executing technique simultaneously. Basic drills are presented, showing how to handle the knives properly and effectively, while one is stationary and in motion. The Bot Jam Dao form is demonstrated by Sifu Chan where he provides front and side views with close-up shots as he moves through the forms sequence. During Sifu’s demonstration of the Butterfly Knife form he emphasizes the importance of employing the principle of Turma while moving one’s body as techniques are executed. Various applications are also shown as the knives are applied against different types of Kung Fu weapons. The use of specific Butterfly Knife techniques are demonstrated in 8 sections of applications. Read Full Post

Review – Sam Chan/Ip Ching – Foundations of Wing Chun

Sam Chan-Ip Ching Foundations of Wing Chun

From a Foshan origin to an international audience, Ip Ching covers the Wing Chun system in a filmed archive seminar. This presentation takes place in his early years of dedicating a full-time schedule to promoting and teaching the fighting art, and he’s accompanied by Sam Chan for demonstration and translation.

The DVD is raw footage, with some equally raw post-mixed audio translation to suit, which will definitely grab the viewer’s attention. The DVD has been transferred from VHS to digital footage with good resolution. Read Full Post

Review – Sam Chan’s Biu Gee

In some Wing Chun circles, the Biu Gee form is revered as the most advanced form in the system. Others believe it contains secret techniques, only to be taught to closed-door students. In the introduction to this DVD, Sam Chan confirms this myth telling us that Grandmaster Ip Man himself said: “Biu Gee doesn’t go out the door,” which was funny, seeing as I was watching a DVD based entirely on this form. Read Full Post

New! Sam Chan – Wing Chun Kung Fu Poster Set

Sifu Sam Chan has released a new 3 poster set covering the 3 Wing Chun empty hand forms: Sil Lim Tau, Chum Kiu, and Biu Gee. This is the first quality set of posters showing the forms from the Ip Chin lineage – a great addition to your school or home gym.

This 3 poster set details the first 3 empty-hand forms in Wing Chun Training. Siu Lim Tau, Chum Kiu, and Biu Gee are performed by Wing Chun Master Sam Chan. Read Full Post

Review – Sam Chan’s Wooden Dummy Instructor Course

It is a sad fact that as a fighting art is passed from teacher to student there is always a bit that is lost in the process; the result of this is a distorted representation of the original art. Sifu Sam Chan has seen this happen and he has taken great steps to preserve the traditional teachings of Wing Chun as he was taught them by Grandmasters Ip Chun and Ip Ching, the sons of the late Great Grandmaster Ip Man. In this video Sifu Chan has done an exceptional job in presenting the traditional teaching methods of Wing Chun in a plain and simple format. Read Full Post

Review – Sam Chan’s Chum Kiu Level Lesson Plans

Sifu Chan’s IWCMAA Chum Kiu Level Instructors Course focuses primarily on kicking drills and two handed Chi Sau techniques, although there are plenty of drills for improving your Wing Chun hands techniques as well. Like the Sil Lim Tao Level Instructor Series DVD, the Chum Kiu DVD is filmed on location at Sifu Chan’s Kung Fu School. Geared towards the aspiring instructor, this DVD is packed with drills that can be followed in sequence or mixed together to provide a variety of classroom instruction platforms. Like any other aspect of physical training, having an experienced coach to push you is an important prerequisite to achieving your personal best. Although nothing can replace in-person training, this DVD is a great opportunity for those students training in the distance learning course to see what training is like at Chan’s Kung Fu. Read Full Post

Review – Sam Chan’s Sil Lim Tao Level Lesson Plans

This video, filmed on location at Chan’s Kung Fu School in Michigan, is geared towards aspiring Wing Chun instructors. The IWCMAA Sil Lim Tao Level Instructor Series DVD is packed with drills and practical applications based primarily on hand techniques and the beginning stages of Wing Chun training. Sifu Chan provides a 10-part lesson plan that covers all of the basic skill requirements for the Sil Lim Tao level of training. Sifu Chan’s careful demonstration of these techniques, from a variety of angles, gives the new instructor a solid basis and understanding of this critical Wing Chun form. Distance learners will appreciate the on-location filming, giving them a true sense of training with Sifu Chan. Read Full Post