Review – Sam Chan – Ip Man Wing Chun Series – Bot Jam Dao

Review – Sam Chan – Ip Man Wing Chun Series – Bot Jam Dao

Quick Summary:

Sifu Sam Chan demonstrates several Wu Shu weapon forms while emphasizing the need to understand the characteristics of each weapon and how the butterfly knives, in particular, are based on the structure of the Sil Lim Tao, the footwork of the Chum Que and the power of the Bil Gee form. The practitioner’s skill is keenly exemplified as the ability to use the hands in a multiple fashion while executing technique simultaneously. Basic drills are presented, showing how to handle the knives properly and effectively, while one is stationary and in motion. The Bot Jam Dao form is demonstrated by Sifu Chan where he provides front and side views with close-up shots as he moves through the forms sequence. During Sifu’s demonstration of the Butterfly Knife form he emphasizes the importance of employing the principle of Turma while moving one’s body as techniques are executed. Various applications are also shown as the knives are applied against different types of Kung Fu weapons. The use of specific Butterfly Knife techniques are demonstrated in 8 sections of applications.

Comments on Production:

This video’s production style is straight forward and basic in its presentation. There are no fancy fade away shots or the use of multiple cameras from different angles. Unfortunately, there is some background noise or echoing, in the very first part of the video, although the problem is minor and the problem was later resolved.

Review Comments:

Ip Man Wing Chun Series-“Bot Jam Dao” - Volume 6: Advance LevelThis video on the butterfly knives is an excellent production, showing what is important in expressing technique rather than just showing a forms sequence. Indeed, forms have value, video instruction can provide the basics for mimicking a martial art style’s essential movements. One must, however, know what to look for in purchasing instructional video media. If one looks carefully, the movements between a skilled individual and a performer exhibiting a learned sequence, without having acquired a strong basic foundation, can easily be distinguished. Foundation training, is an essential aspect of preparation that is most important and often ignored by many… it’s often thought of by some as unnecessary because its time consuming and requires diligent training. Sifu Sam Chan not only demonstrates the Baat Jam Dao form expertly, but also exhibits his experience. This video would be an excellent investment for anyone committed to serious training in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Reviewer: George Hernandez
Presentation Title: Ip Man Wing Chun Series-“Bot Jam Dao”
Presenters:Sam Chan
Date: 5/15/2015

Technical Specifications:
Language: English
Format: DVD or Digital Download
DVD Format: NTSC Region 0
Resolution (download only): 720p
Running Time: 1 hour 5 minutes

Ratings (1-5 scale):
Sound Quality: 4
Video Quality: 4
Total Production Score: 8

Subject/Instruction Rating
Subject matter: 5
Instruction Quality: 5
Total Subject/Instruction Rating: 10

Reviewers Rating: 5
Total Score: 22/25 = 92%

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