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WCI Review – Moy Yat – Trace of Ving Tsun Roots 1

Continuing with the analogue to digital conversion release of one of many volumes of the late Sifu Moy Yat’s video releases is this submission of an oral history of Ving Tsun Gung Fu as his scholastic and personal accounts have revealed. What could be weeks of conversations enjoyed over tea is condensed into a concise 75-minute runtime, regarding Sifu Moy’s history of involvement in the celebrated Chinese martial art.

Moy Yat was also known as a passionate scholar of the system and a preservationist of traditional Chinese implements that complement the rich history in calligraphy, the Kuen Kuit (Ving Tsun Fist Parables Chops), and now in modern technological format through video, with excerpts of archival video footage from his own collection, sharing his perspectives in an oral and visual history form to the viewing audience. Read Full Post

Review – Moy Yat – Luk Dim Boon Kwan

The Luk Dim Boon Kwan (“Six-and-a-Half Point Pole”) has evolved from being a once guarded and revered level of learning the Wing Chun system, to a form of reward for one’s dedication, knowledge, and evolved skill sets alongside the Baat Jaam Do.

Moy Yat’s family opens their personal film vaults to present to the practitioner/audience the late Sifu Moy Yat himself demonstrating and explaining the what, why and how of the Kwan’s relevance to overall training. The production of this series of videos was to, “help the younger generations to better understand Wing Chun—not (originally) intended for distribution,” with their posthumous release. Sourced from the original private recordings and enhanced for the Moy Yat lineage practitioners and beyond to enjoy. Read Full Post

Review – Moy Yat – Ip Man

History is written by many authors. The oldest tradition of sharing history, and especially with Chinese martial arts, has always been oral tradition. Pour yourself a nice cup of oolong tea to enjoy while Sifu Moy Yat (introduced to Yip Man and becoming his student in 1957), shares some of Yip Man’s personal history as well as some stories that only the walls could tell. Prepare for a rare insight into the early years of Wing Chun life in Hong Kong from a direct student of the Grandmaster. Read Full Post

Review – Moy Yat – Chum Kiu

As an avid Wing Chun practitioner, I like to see what other Ip Man students have to offer and to demonstrate.  I decided to pick up one of Moy Yat’s videos today.  From what I understand, Moy Yat is one of Ip Man’s top students and an internationally recognized Wing Chun practitioner.  He passed away years ago but his videos still exists globally for all Wing Chun practitioners. Read Full Post