WCI Review – Moy Yat’s Chi Sau III

WCI Review – Moy Yat’s Chi Sau III

Chi Sau, without question, is a hallmark method of training in the Wing Chun system. It is a method of development that challenges one’s structures and activity in developing proficient and effective actions that will be practical and effective reflex reactions when employed against an attacker.

moy-yatThe late Sifu Moy Yat thoroughly covers and demonstrates the cornerstone partner training method from basic concepts, to live techniques, to application, covered in nearly two hours of video in subsections that cover the essentials and more. Transferred from its original analog VHS to digital format that can be viewed in one sitting, it will likely excite the viewing audience to get to work on their feet.

Sifu Moy Yat, with the support of an assisting instructor to offer narration and a demonstration partner while he is engaged, immediately spotlights fundamental exercises, such as Daan Chi Sau (“Single-Hand” Chi Sau), prior to building toward “Double-Handed” Chi Sau and Luk Sau. Balance and control of one’s activities to develop, “a knowledge of where (hand) positions are (through) coordination and timing,” while both hands are in action with, “cooperative flow.” With a developed proficiency, the seminar presentation rolls forward with a variety of attacking, blocking, and other complex movements.

With simple arm activity in play, the legs are introduced into the equation, highlighting universal body employment, rather than solely being manually dependant. Sifu Moy Yat keeps himself engaged, introducing actions, such as Waang Jeung (“Horizontal Palm-Strike”), Jing Jeung (“Vertical Palm-Strike”), and Jat Da (Jat Sau/Punch), supported with running explanations why these hands of choice require attention and the goals of practising them to become effective in employment beyond the partner drill.

Single-hand techniques having been in play, the presentation moves on to double-hand techniques; Taan Da, Lop Sau and Paak Da (to just name a familiar few) continue their way into the arsenal of the system’s potential. “The key here is to acquire the ability to use coordinated hands,” reinforces the narrator, for developing, “awareness of an opening, how to create an opening, and to use energies to penetrate.” Initiating and attacking two-handed actions then meet their match, as the late Sifu Moy Yat offers the responses to each with admirable vigour and passion for his practice.

With a reputation for having a scholastic approach to his teaching methods, Sifu Moy Yat devotes the second half of the seminar to finer details for analysis. From concepts to structures, drills to reflexes, attributes to strategies, with the final goal of realising one’s individual potential through what the Wing Chun system offers and how it’s applied to many situations. Details are covered, with professorial calibre, with a mission to offer higher learning that encourages continued education through practice, trial and refinement. This installment of archival footage is one that won’t collect dust on the shelves of a library, as it serves as a sound reference source.

Moy Yat – Chi Sau III
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Review by: Dwight Hennings


WCI Review - Moy Yat's Chi Sau III DVD

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