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Sil Lim Tao Interview Round Up w/ Taner, Graziano, Rea, and Lam

We are always curious to hear the different perspectives of Wing Chun teachers from around the world.   More often than not, from lineage to lineage, or Sifu to Sifu, you will hear different answers to the same question.  Which is why we set out to ask the SAME questions about Sil Lim Tao to a handful of well known WC instructors.

First let’s introduce the Sifus we interviewed for this article.

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Another Review for Gary Lam’s Foundation Fortress

The DVD “Foundation Fortress” by Sifu Gary Lam of the Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun (WSLWC) lineage is the latest offering by Sifu Lam covering Wing Chun’s empty-hand form “Siu Nim Tau.”  The wording on the DVD “Uncovering the hidden principles of the Siu Nim Tau” succinctly expresses the central theme of the DVD. The DVD stresses the true importance of the Siu Nim Tao form as the very foundation of Wing Chun, and then explores the Siu Nim Tau form illuminating those concepts that can so easily be missed, overlooked or in some cases misunderstood.  So important is Siu Nim Tao that it is rumored that the late Grandmaster Ip Man practiced the form daily up unto his death.  Additionally, within Sifu Lam’s  DVD, “Making Gwoh Sau (Crossing Hands) Work for You”  Sifu Lam is found to state that about 80% of Crossing Hands is derived from the Siu Nim Tau form, further proof of the great importance of the Siu Nim Tau form. The DVD runs approx. 80 minutes and can roughly be broken up into three sections: the form and the hidden concepts, the six actions of the form and once again the hidden concepts gleaned from the Siu Nim Tau form and a seminar from 2009. The added bonus of the DVD is the 2009 seminar that runs roughly 26 minutes and while filmed earlier in 2009 the seminar does shed light on those hidden principles of the Siu Nim Tau form in a visceral manner. The DVD is geared towards intermediate- level students, in the sense that the student should already know the Siu Nim Tau form to fully appreciate the content of the DVD.  “Foundation Fortress” is a worthy addition to any Wing Chun student’s collection, but is probably better understood by an intermediate or higher level Wing Chun student – highly recommended. Read Full Post

Review – Gary Lam’s Foundation Fortress

There is nothing more exciting than receiving an unexpected present through the post. But when that present is the new Gary Lam DVD, you know it is going to be a good day.

From the outset, this DVD gives an excellent introduction to the Siu Nim Tau form by Gary Lam himself, where he whets our appetite by telling us that he will be covering the form in detail and that it will not be complicated or hard to learn. Read Full Post

Review – Gary Lam’s Awesome Kicking Techniques DVD

“Awesome Kicking Techniques” is the second of sifu Lam’s Wing Chun kicking DVDs. Essentially, this DVD is a DVD that uses various exercises, equipment and drills, both alone and with partner, to enhance and train Wing Chun kicking. In that respect this DVD is quite different from Sifu Lam’s other Wing Chun kicking DVD, “Wing Chun Kicking 1.” It should be stated that this is an advanced level Wing Chun DVD and not for the beginning Wing Chun student. Read Full Post

Review – Gary Lam’s Fighting Strategy Seminar

Gary Lam is very well known and respected in the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun community, but to other lineages he may need a brief introduction. Gary Lam trained with Master Wong Shun Leung for fifteen years and served as the instructor at Wong’s school for an additional six years. As Wong Shun Leung’s top student, Lam put his Wing Chun skills to test by entering many tournaments and defeating the opposition. He was crowned Hong Kong Full Contact Tournament Champion in 1978-1979. In 1991, his Wing Chun peers in Hong Kong elected him the President of the Hong Kong Wing Chun Society. Fighting Strategy is one of many Lam titles available from Cranes Production and focuses on the plans and tips you need to improve your overall fighting ability—in the ring and on the street. Read Full Post

Review – Gary Lam’s Philosophy of Wing Chun Fighting DVD

The DVD “Five Element System” by Sifu Gary Lam is one the two more advanced topic Wing Chun DVDs in Sifu Lam’s growing Wing Chun DVD library (currently numbering fourteen titles). Wing Chun is different than other martial arts in that Wing Chun is concept based instead of technique based. Hence the “Five Element System” DVD covers a lot of theory and is a lengthy DVD at 95 minutes. Although there are some demonstrations of the concepts put forth, this DVD is more of a concept and theory DVD. Certainly the “Five Element System” has enough of the necessary demonstrations to illustrate some concepts, but this DVD is not like a Wing Chun empty-hand form DVD where each technique is followed by a demonstration. Sifu Lam utilizes five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal in a series of lists and matrices as well as a diagram to fully explain to the viewer a specific concept, how these concepts interrelate, how one element can aid another element, how one element can be used to overcome another element and how the five elements further conceptualize Wing Chun. As an example someone with fast hands (fire) can be overcome with changing (water) or distance (earth). This is not a DVD that will be easily digested in one sitting. There are so many fine points to understand that multiple viewings will likely be necessary for a Wing Chun practitioner to fully realize the content of this DVD and many of the elements are higher level. This DVD is highly recommended for the Wing Chun practitioner who wishes to advance his/her theoretical knowledge of Wing Chun, but is best suited for an advanced Wing Chun practitioner. Read Full Post