Review – Gary Lam Siu Nim Tao 1 & 2

Review – Gary Lam Siu Nim Tao 1 & 2

The magnetic personality who has been a social-media celebrity for his viral video clips in this modern age serves up the goods on the foundation that developed his incredible skill in domestic media format.

Sifu Gary Lam’s years of knowledge as a top coach of Wing Chun comes to the small screen, offering the abundance of information that the system’s first form provides to develop what he defines as “high skill fighting”—the importance of understanding the intricacies of what
Siu Nim Tao offers to develop a diverse and effective skill set. The value of information shared is further heightened by the extensive run time, which is thankfully chaptered for the audience’s convenience of review.

Sifu Lam describes learning the basic form as, “learning the ABC’s” of Wing Chun. The fundamental characters that teach the practitioner to learn to communicate with the voice of one’s techniques. Each concept, structure, action, and combat strategy of the three sections is diligently explored to unlock the potential within.

Following the performance of Siu Nim Tao he states, “To learn how to fight you must have good balance.” A profound statement relative to having a secure stance and, by extension, comprehension of how to develop attributes directly transferable to the concrete or canvas
arena. With every point made, the straight line is drawn toward the purpose of practical application—digressing from punching solely with the fist, but while employing the entirety of the body.

Sifu Lam continues to roll through the form connecting concept to structure,aligning the body’s tools to give them the mechanics to fire on all cylinders. Always chasing the centre of the subject at hand supported with full disclosure of the core concept parables, spoken both in Cantonese and English for reference.

With the seeds of know-why and know how sown, his presentation evolves into growing them with corresponding structures. Bringing to life the form’s many hands by looking at ranges of engagement, angles, and positions that each are most effective in controlling your own space as well as the opponent’s. Nurturing through practice skills that bear the fruit of a practitioner’s labours.

It becomes clear to the audience that the content explored is born out of combat experiences; that none of the explanations provided are absolutes, but take into account the variables that only experience can teach. It is evident that once this video runs its course, there is an absence of sticking to hands to control the opponent but sticking to what works. Finding the most simple, direct, and effective way to becoming a proficient ring, challenge, or domestic situation fighter. Connecting the concepts, structures, and actions to connect with the target.

English may be Sifu Gary Lam’s second language, but his ability to articulate the finer points of Wing Chun’s most important form is fluid and unbroken. Thoroughly communicated with
professorial mastery with every demonstration of the fighting actions. A must-have in the Wing Chun reference library of video and mind.


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Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 123 min.
Format: NTSC
Region: 0
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