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WCI Review – Clive Potter – Wooden Dummy Seminar

Everyone’s favourite training device, the Ving Tsun Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Jong), takes the centreline stage for 75 minutes, shot live from the floor of Sifu Clive Potter’s class, where specific attention was given to the apparatus.

Following an overview of the Muk Yan Jong’s history and the relevance of each limb configuration, we engage the practice of the form, its structures and actions with perspectives that cover the angles of engagement from concept to application, from start to finish. Read Full Post

Review – Clive Potter – Seminar on Chum Kiu

clive poter chum kiu review

“Chum Kiu is when you put words (from) letters together to make sentences,” quotes Sifu Clive Potter of Wong Shun Leung’s simplified definition of the system’s second form in the introduction of this seminar class. This next stage of forms training is communicated to the audience live from the classroom floor and broken down into three sections bridging the parallels and gaps from concept, to practice, to application. Read Full Post

Review – Clive Potter’s Siu Lin Tau DVD

Clive Potter has studied Ving Tsun since 1971 and became a student of Wong Shun Leung in 1984. The Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu Association was formed in 1994, with its headquarters in St. Albans, UK. It has been successful ever since with schools opening in the USA, Turkey, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

This DVD is of a seminar given by Clive Potter and his Senior Instructor Adam Cope at their headquarters. The DVD starts with some nice footage of Wong Shun Leung performing the first form, but this is a bit short with only part of the form shown, which is a pity. We then go straight into the seminar footage. Clive gives a nice introduction to the form with some common mistakes to avoid when opening the form. Read Full Post

Review – Clive Potter’s Ving Tsun Dummy Seminar DVD

What It’s About:

This DVD is a presentation of the basic attributes of Wooden Dummy training and its application in Wing Chun Kung-fu techniques.

Novice usually don’t appreciate the benefit of Wooden Dummy training and at times regard it as merely a way to toughen up the arms and akin to that of hitting a tree of sorts and could serve the same purpose…the practice of Chao Sao or the “banging of arms” would perhaps make one feel that it would also provide the same benefit in Wooden Dummy practice. But, this notion is far from the truth. Read Full Post

Review – Clive Potter’s Seminar on Chum Kiu DVD

What It’s About:

Seminar presented by Clive Potter, on the essential training aspects of Wing Chun’s second form Chum Kiu.

If you purchased the first volume of the Clive Potter Wing Chun DVD on Siu Lin Tao, you can pretty much expect the same style of presentation…complete with blackboard diagrams. In his introductory comments he said that Siu Lin Tao is primarily for training your stance…I disagree, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Although he is correct about Chum Kiu’s primary purpose; that is it allows one to learn how to bridge the gap. The gap of course is that distance between you and your opponent…this is particularly obvious when your opponent moves and changes position, one naturally needs to move in a way to close the gap, if one desires to use a technique. Read Full Post

Review – Clive Potter’s Seminar on Siu Lin Tau DVD

What It’s About:

Seminar presented by Clive Potter, on the first form of Wing Chun Siu Lin Tau.

Clive Potter is an experienced martial artist in Wing Chun kung fu. This DVD is geared toward those who had attended his seminar and have a strong working knowledge of the first Form. The DVD is not one where it teaches Siu Lin Tao form beginning to end. What Sifu Potter does do, however, is chunk the form down into manageable sections while explaining crucial points a student should know in their beginning practice. Read Full Post