Review – Clive Potter – Seminar on Chum Kiu

Review – Clive Potter – Seminar on Chum Kiu

“Chum Kiu is when you put words (from) letters together to make sentences,” quotes Sifu Clive Potter of Wong Shun Leung’s simplified definition of the system’s second form in the introduction of this seminar class. This next stage of forms training is communicated to the audience live from the classroom floor and broken down into three sections bridging the parallels and gaps from concept, to practice, to application.

Before getting things moving forward the importance of maintaining sound structure and one’s center of gravity in an upright position as introduced in the system’s first form is stressed to develop controlled movement through footwork. Keeping connected with the first actions of the second form, Sifu Potter stresses the importance of elbow position and control through what are referred to as “the Gaan Sau actions” with the correct supporting position and angle to employ them efficiently.

Juen Ma takes centre stage keeping in line with the practice of shifting in a fairly restricted window of time. The focus on “how (one) turns… to drive the engine to create torque.” A detailed blueprint of structure and the mechanical aspects of getting the practitioner’s understanding of application in gear. Practicing the shifting action to support an elbow connection, which also evolves to the elbow striking actions as well. Driving home various points about joints with an interesting insight into the variety of ways the featured elbow strike can be employed whether in a controlled or lost position when engaging an opponent.

Breaking down Chum Kiu’s first section of concepts and actions continues to dominate the majority of this video’s content; thus highlighting that the form’s most important concepts and actions are found here. Turning the page from action-to-action in learning how to follow a moving target and have range within motion to displace and disrupt another’s moving positions—evolving further to the use of Bong Sau and Laan Sau to either diffuse or redirect a line of force.

Sifu Potter is committed to reminding the audience that a principal objective in employing the actions of the system efficiently is for one not to fight force with force and to instead deal with incoming lines of attack from different directions through the practice of the Chum Kiu form.

With the foundations set, the audience is walked through the second and third sections of the form with the introduction of the kicks, stepping, and remaining Bong Sau actions. Consistently, structural integrity takes first priority in developing the qualities of generating power from the ground to deliver power while exercising complete control of
one’s balance and position. Being able to “cover and control the whole area” while having the developed tools to intercept with the intention to shut down your assailant decisively.

Although this video installment does not cover Chi Sau specific applications and drills, Sifu Potter’s presentation bridges the key concepts; providing simple, direct and practical methods to ensure the system works for the practitioner.

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Reviewed By: Dwight Hennings
clive poter chum kiu review

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