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The Creation of Wing Chun – by Ben Judkins & Jon Neilson

After about my first year in Wing Chun I became very interested in the history of the art. I read everything I could find on all of the lineages of Wing Chun – both online and off. Yet, there was little to be found other than myth and legend when it came to the history of Wing Chun… and each lineage had different versions of the history – even very recent history. Skip forward 16 years and not much has changed… but it might soon. Ben Judkins, owner of the blog, Kung fu Tea, and Jon Neilson, chief instructor at Wing Chun Hall, have put together the first true academic work on the history on Wing Chun. Read Full Post

Interview – Wayne Belonoha on Approach to Ip Man Wing Chun

We sat down with Sifu Wayne Belonoha to ask him about his new book, as well as how it, his current books (Wing Chun Compendium vol 1 and 2), his 9 disk Blu-Ray set, and his 55 Video Wing Chun University course all fit together. This is what he had to to say:

EWC: Sifu Belonoha, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us and answer some questions about your books and videos. They are the highest quality Wing Chun instructional materials we’ve ever seen – and probably some of the best in the world of martial arts period.

Sifu Belonoha: First, let me say thanks for asking me to be part of your blog and for taking the time to ask me about my new book. Before answering your questions, I would like to say thanks to my teacher and kung fu family for bringing me the opportunity to write this book. Without their help and guidance, I would not be in this position. I also would like to say that while I am qualified to write a book about Ip Man Style Wing Chun, I am not uniquely so. There are many others who are qualified to write such a book, and some of them more than me. However, as a recognized instructor, I am able to make this humble offering to the wing chun community. Read Full Post

New! Wayne Belonoha’s 9 Volume Ving Tsun Blu-Ray Series

Sifu Wayne Belonoha has just released a really awesome 9 Blu-Ray disk set on Ving Tsun Kung Fu. This set is the highest-quality production of any Wing Chun instructional video we’ve even seen (and we’ve seen over 700 to date!). Sifu Wayne is an excellent instructor and his Wing Chun University course is the best-selling Wing Chun video series of all time. So naturally we were very excited about his latest project. But since Sifu Wayne has 55 video lessons and 3 books already, we were also a bit curious about what this new DVD series would cover. So we sat down with Sifu Belonoha and picked his brain. This is what we learned: Read Full Post

New! Buick Yip Bookmarks – Free For Owners of His Dummies

Buick Yip has decided to make a limited series of hand-written, custom made bookmarks for customers that own his dummies. If you want one all you have to do is email Everything Wing Chun (email address is on their site) with your address and proof of ownership. These are NOT available for sale, they are only offered to owners of his dummies.

Just like with his scrolls, Buick does the deep breathing calligraphy when making each bookmark. Each one is hand-made and unique, written by Buick himself. You can get any one of the following 12 bookmarks: Read Full Post

NEW! Sifu Benny Meng’s Book, Unlocking the Wing Chun Code

Grandmaster Benny Meng, curator of the Ving Tsun Museum, has just released his newest book, Unlocking the Wing Chun Code: Six Levels of Reality, Wisdom for Maximum Efficiency in Life!

This book tackles such questions as: How did the martial art of Wing Chun originate? What methodology did the ancient warriors use in their quest for Enlightenment? Did they reach their goal to create a system that can counter all styles with maximum efficiency? What were their improvements to life, to fighting, and to learning? All of these questions, and more and answered within. Read Full Post

New! Warrior Martial Art’s Wooden Dummy with Corner Stand

Do you want a wall mount dummy for the “spring energy” but can’t mount one where you live? Check out Warrior Martial Art Supply’s new Wooden Dummy with Corner Stand! It is very sturdy and fits nicely into the corner of your room and feels like a wall mount dummy when you train. It is also the most sturdy of all the floor stands and is unique in that it can be mounted to a wall if you desire. Read Full Post