WCI Review – Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal – Sight Beyond Sight

WCI Review – Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal – Sight Beyond Sight

In these fourth and fifth volumes of his hi-def instructional video series, Sifu Harinder Singh presents and explores energy drills to heighten one’s sensitivity and adaptability training in practice toward practical application. “The ability to feel, read, and apply pressure… to be able to adapt to the situations around us” communicates the focal points of the drills demonstrated throughout the 55-minute runtimes per volume, totaling nearly two hours of viewing and review for the practitioner.

Sifu Singh is an aficionado of many martial arts and will be introducing many training methods adapted from varying styles (wrestling, grappling, Filipino martial arts, and others) with the intention of introducing expanded environments to offer the audience a resource to adapt to situations outside the fundamental Chi Sau constructs.

The first drill to take the stage of training and exploration, as the principal exercise in Volume 4, is Lap Sau. The fundamental activity will be covered with the expectation that the viewing practitioner has experience with this drill, and others to follow, as the work gets moving with some engaging energy with the supporting demonstration partners. With concise explanations come the variations on the presented Lap Sau drill that move quickly into a challenging exchange between the two parties, evolving further into common attacker behaviours, such as attempts to crowd, grab or clinch, with designed drills to hone the appropriate reactions to such attacking methods. Not to worry Wing Chun practitioners, Sifu Singh has you rolling with the hallmark training method of two-hand Chi Sau as well.

Volume 5 starts off fast, furious and fiery, disconnecting from being in a connected partner drill range to disconnection in addressing common street attacks, beginning with the shoot, clinch and takedown approach. Identifying the techniques in the previous volume to how and when they can be applied practically. And then taking the live-drill aspect and reincorporating reconnection to Lap Sau and Chi Sau range to develop the sensitivity and adaptability in a heightened state of interactions, while one partner continues to initiate the three modes of attack, looking to take one’s practice, “to places where we’re uncomfortable.”

The final element of address is knife attacks. Taking a high danger situation, the stakes get higher in bridging the gap back into a Sticking Hands range, with drilling methods designed to attempt control of the blade-wielding assailant through the employment of connecting actions to block while neutralising. Cutting deep into a range of high anxiety, attacking the subject from different angles.

Sifu Harinder Singh’s message isn’t to echo the traditional constructs of a Wing Chun DVD presentation, but to appeal to those who look to diversify one’s training environment and experiences. Taking hold of conventional practice methods married to unconventional, while slashing through the drills with intense unconventional solutions.

Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal – Sight Beyond Sight (2 DVD Set)

Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 1 hour 50 mins.
Format: Digital Download or DVD
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Review by: Dwight Hennings

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