WCI Review – Samuel Kwok – Fight Seminar – Long Beach 2017

WCI Review – Samuel Kwok – Fight Seminar – Long Beach 2017

Sifu Samuel Kwok continues his expansive video contributions with this current instalment to his many volumes on the subject of employing Wing Chun in fight scenario applications. Shot live on the seminar floor, there is close to three hours of footage covering the day’s presentations that translates well into providing a first-hand attendance experience to the viewing audience at home.

The seminar finds itself immediately getting into the know-how and how-to extracted from the system’s first form. Immediately engaging and countering the most common engagements with a simulated attacker at close-range, emphasising being relaxed and aware to engage the appropriate techniques to manage the situation when one has been grabbed and, “remember that the moment you are touched, you should already be reacting.” Delivered with an equally relaxed demeanour from the esteemed seminar presenter spiced with humour while keeping the exuberant attending audience involved.

Differing from other seminarbased videos, the camera continues to follow Sifu Kwok walking around the room of attendees as they practise each presented drill, offering his corrections and insights to understand the applications and how to achieve their desired effect. Interpersonal moments translate well into a first-hand experience from a third person point-of-view and provide an expanded understanding of the content that is in the topic.

Sifu Kwok continues to digress from the formatted style of a seminar by rolling from Siu Nim Tau, to Chum Kiu, to Mook Yan Jong relative techniques, pursuing the practical application for common situations, rather than spending extended periods of time breaking one concept and structure at a time. Grabs, locks, chokes and other anxiety-inducing scenarios that require immediate action to diffuse and damage the dangerous position of having one’s space compromised. Expanding further, the potential of neutralising an individual’s leverage by attacking acupressure points and exploiting the joints. Every demonstration of these added elements finds the attendees marvelling at his ability to disable larger, stronger, and significantly more youthful people with efficacy.

Scaling back, the presentation focuses on the core fundamental action of the punch. The mechanics of the punch as it’s delivered, from elbow to knuckle, is covered in significant detail, so one does not have to rely on, “too many punches,” but the impact quality of each one. The unique surface penetrating qualities of the Wing Chun punch is demonstrated, reaffirming that, even with the insulation of holding a pad as a contact point, the impact that the punch transmits.

Chi Sau does see representation to highlight how the developed reflex actions are transferred to fight situations. Bridging the gap from practice-to-practical to see purpose beyond the constructs of connecting bridges. Summarising the expansive runtime that one should pursue, sticking to what works in pursuit of connecting to a better understanding, to connect with Wing Chun’s vast potential as it works for you.

Samuel Kwok – Mastering Wing Chun – Ip Man’s Kung Fu Vol 13 – Fight Seminar – Long Beach 2017

Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 3 hours.
Format: Digital Download or DVD
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Review by: Dwight Hennings

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