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Review – Larry Saccoia – Wing Chun University – Speed And Timing

Crucial to becoming proficient in any martial skill, or personal discipline of any form of artistry, are the correlative elements of speed and timing. “It’s a combination of multiple skills: balance, reaction, coordination, distance, and speed,” opens Sifu Larry Saccoia’s dialogue in this video installment. In particular, it relates on multiple levels of practice and understanding when talking about their relevance to Wing Chun. There are the elements of the physical, of distance, of readiness and reaction, and structure that comprise that spectrum of how speed and timing are relative to each other and their application. The following 53 minutes will move from formula to function through demonstration and application. Read Full Post

Review – WCU – Wayne Belonoha – Hand Skills

Hand skills are the preeminent feature of the Wing Chun system and Sifu Wayne Belonoha explores, refines and demonstrates the specifications that develop dynamic movements built with firm foundations. Produced in conjunction with Wing Chun University, this volume, in a series of installments, is very slick in production value with on-screen footnotes relative to the, pun intended, subject at hand. Read Full Post

Interview – Wayne Belonoha on the Wooden Man

After watching Sifu Wayne Belonoha’s series on Wooden Dummy training in Wing Chun University, I had a few questions regarding how to train on the wooden man. Sifu Wayne granted me this interview and below you will find a wealth of information about wooden dummy training.

Although you have explained many of these details in your video, what would say some of the most important things you learn from the dummy?  From beginner perspective? From an advance perceptive? Read Full Post

Review – Wayne Belonoha – WCU – Wooden Dummy Lessons

wing chun dummy

Wing Chun University offers a wide range of video courses that cover the Wing Chun system from A to Z. For a while now, I have been meaning to check them out, mainly because Sifu Wayne Belonoha’s teachings interest me. You might know him as the gentleman who wrote the Wing Chun Compendium. If you are not familiar with this pair of books, they get into the nitty-gritty of the entire system, explaining everything you could possibly think of to gain a good overview of the system from book format.
Read Full Post

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Review – Wayne Belonoha – WCU Lesson 19a: Lat Sao Jik Cheung

The Wing Chun University is a new concept from the team behind Everything Wing Chun. It aims to teach “the entire system” using full, in-depth video immersion courses presented in individual lessons and steps. You can also contact your “Sifu” and ask questions, get videos reviewed, or meet in person to further your education.

First up is Sifu Wayne Belonoha’s Complete Ving Tsun System course. Sifu Belonoha is the author of the bestselling Wing Chun Compendium series of books, and a regular columnist of Wing Chun Illustrated. Read Full Post

Wing Chun University – New App Live!

The new Wing Chun University™ app is officially up, and you can now download the lessons in HD 720p. The videos play within the app only, so you are limited to a Mac or PC to watch them (unless you output to a TV from your computer). The official launch won’t be for a couple weeks, but we are allowing a few people to check it out. For a limited time (June 30th) you can get 10% off your first purchase with coupon code: WCULAUNCH

Visit the WCU today at: Read Full Post