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Review – Wayne Belonoha – WCU Lesson 19a: Lat Sao Jik Cheung

Review – Wayne Belonoha – WCU Lesson 19a: Lat Sao Jik Cheung

The Wing Chun University is a new concept from the team behind Everything Wing Chun. It aims to teach “the entire system” using full, in-depth video immersion courses presented in individual lessons and steps. You can also contact your “Sifu” and ask questions, get videos reviewed, or meet in person to further your education.

First up is Sifu Wayne Belonoha’s Complete Ving Tsun System course. Sifu Belonoha is the author of the bestselling Wing Chun Compendium series of books, and a regular columnist of Wing Chun Illustrated.

I started by downloading the free intro video to see what the course would entail. In this intro, Sifu Belonoha takes you through the strategy and tenets of his Ving Tsun system, from simultaneous blocking and attacking, timing, centreline theory, and many more concepts.

The production values and sound are top notch with each tenet being displayed as text on the screen to aid the learning experience; accompanied by plenty of humour.
There could have been a bit more action, but still a pretty good introduction to the Ving Tsun system.

Now, onto the first lesson. The title I am reviewing is the last lesson in the White Sash course with the focus on Lat Sau Jik Cheung. There are 49 videos in total across the entire curriculum, with an average running time of about 19 minutes.

We start straight off with Sifu Belonoha introducing the exercises we will be learning, which is billed as an introductory drill. He also reminds us that we need a competent partner who can already do the drill to work with.

The drill is a “Hand Free Hit Drill” from the Poon Sau roll and there are some good tips on being courteous and helpful when helping your partner.

You also get a nice focus pad drill which supports the first Chi Sau drill. Again, my only gripe would be the lack of action, but as this is only the beginning of a very long instructional University course, I guess that’s to be expected.

Buy Wayne Belonoha’s Wing Chun University videos at: or the store here.
You can download a free lesson here.
Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 19 min.
Format: 720p HD download
Review by: James Woodcock


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