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Review – Sifus Taner & Graziano – Baat Cham Dao (BJD) Apps Vol 1/8

One of our customers, George Hernandez, has written another in depth Wing Chun DVD review. This time he watched “Baat Cham Dao (BJD) Apps Vol 1/8 (Application Set 1 GAP-DAO)” By Sifus Taner and Graziano. If you are looking for a DVD to help you study the Butterfly Swords, make sure to read this first!

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Review – Sifus Taner & Graziano – Baat Cham Dao (BJD) Form

baat cham dao

Quick Summary:

This video provides instruction in the “Baat Cham Dao” – Wing Chun “Butterfly Swords” Presented by Sifus Taner and Graziano. The form is presented in eight sections. This training video runs a little more than an hour (1:19) and teaches the Double Butterfly Sword Form or Baat Cham Dao. Each training set highlights an essential movement or hand technique from Wing Chun’s three traditional forms. Read Full Post

Review – Samuel Kwok – Baat Cham Dao (Butterfly Swords) DVD

grandmaster kwok

If you are not familiar with Samuel Kwok, he is considered one of the best sources to learn proper Ip Man Wing Chun. From what I understand, over the course of his life he managed to study with a number of people who were direct students of Ip Man, including both his sons Ip Chun and Ip Ching,  allowing him to pass on a perspective that was once taught by the Grandmaster himself.

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Choosing Wing Chun Butterfly Swords – Part 6 – D-Guards

We will now take a look at the D-Guard (and its components the Quillon and Knuckle-Bow). This is what will allow you to trap weapons, flip your sword, protect your hand, and help you block incoming blows. For the most part the D-Guard is what makes a butterfly sword a butterfly sword. Let’s take a closer look.
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Choosing Wing Chun Butterfly Swords – Part 5 – Tangs/Handles

Integral Knives. Photo by Sifu Wayne Belonoha.

We will now take a look at Tangs, Handle Types, Alignment, Ergonomics, and Handle Materials. These are critical aspects of a sword. The tang can literally be the difference between life and death if you are using the sword for combat – or even training with contact. The handle types and ergonomics can really make a difference in your comfort and power. Let’s learn more.
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