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Sil Lim Tao Interview Round Up w/ Taner, Graziano, Rea, and Lam

We are always curious to hear the different perspectives of Wing Chun teachers from around the world.   More often than not, from lineage to lineage, or Sifu to Sifu, you will hear different answers to the same question.  Which is why we set out to ask the SAME questions about Sil Lim Tao to a handful of well known WC instructors.

First let’s introduce the Sifus we interviewed for this article.

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Review – Sifu Sergio – Ip Man Series: Siu Nim Tao and Applications

Recently I decided to pick up one of Sifu Sergio’s DVDs called “Ip Man Wing Chun Series Siu Nim Tau and variations.”  If you are not familiar with Sergio, he is known for traveling the world and learning from various well known teachers.   Being that he was influenced by and completed numerous lineages, he often holds a different perspective then what many would call main stream Ip Man Wing Chun.  Hearing his thoughts is always interesting and really makes me wonder about what other types of styles are out there.

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Another Review for Gary Lam’s Foundation Fortress

The DVD “Foundation Fortress” by Sifu Gary Lam of the Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun (WSLWC) lineage is the latest offering by Sifu Lam covering Wing Chun’s empty-hand form “Siu Nim Tau.”  The wording on the DVD “Uncovering the hidden principles of the Siu Nim Tau” succinctly expresses the central theme of the DVD. The DVD stresses the true importance of the Siu Nim Tao form as the very foundation of Wing Chun, and then explores the Siu Nim Tau form illuminating those concepts that can so easily be missed, overlooked or in some cases misunderstood.  So important is Siu Nim Tao that it is rumored that the late Grandmaster Ip Man practiced the form daily up unto his death.  Additionally, within Sifu Lam’s  DVD, “Making Gwoh Sau (Crossing Hands) Work for You”  Sifu Lam is found to state that about 80% of Crossing Hands is derived from the Siu Nim Tau form, further proof of the great importance of the Siu Nim Tau form. The DVD runs approx. 80 minutes and can roughly be broken up into three sections: the form and the hidden concepts, the six actions of the form and once again the hidden concepts gleaned from the Siu Nim Tau form and a seminar from 2009. The added bonus of the DVD is the 2009 seminar that runs roughly 26 minutes and while filmed earlier in 2009 the seminar does shed light on those hidden principles of the Siu Nim Tau form in a visceral manner. The DVD is geared towards intermediate- level students, in the sense that the student should already know the Siu Nim Tau form to fully appreciate the content of the DVD.  “Foundation Fortress” is a worthy addition to any Wing Chun student’s collection, but is probably better understood by an intermediate or higher level Wing Chun student – highly recommended. Read Full Post

Review – Eddie Chong’s Yip Man 3 DVD Set

This is a 3 DVD set. Each DVD in the set is reviewed in detail here.

What Disk 1 is About:

Master Sifu Eddie Chong demonstrates the three forms applications of Wing Chun Gung Fu, as it was taught to him my Grandmaster Ip Man.

Comments on Disk 1:

As mentioned this DVD provides instructional material of Wing Chun’s three forms, Sil Nim Tao, Chum Kiu and Bil Gee, as what is now often referred to as the “Hong Kong” system as taught by Grandmaster Ip Man.  If you have followed my reviews on the various US and Foreign Masters on Wing Chun, you will notice I have said there are differences in how these forms of the Wing Chun System are expressed. Looking at it strictly from the system represented by Hong Kong, you will notice that some of what Master Sifu Chong does is very close to some of the hands expressed in Sil Nim Tao, as taught by William Cheung.  Read Full Post

Eddie Chong’s WCKFS DVD 1 – Sil Nim Tao

What it’s about:

Master Sifu Eddie Chong, demonstrates and provides a detailed breakdown of Wing Chun Kung Fu’s first from, Sil Nim Tao.


This DVD is one of four in a companion set on Wing Chun Kung Fu produced by Master Sifu Eddie Chong; “Sil Nim Tao” is the first form taught in this system of martial arts.  The form’s name translates as “little idea.”  However, what does that really mean? How does it relate to learning Wing Chun? One must understand the meaning of Sil Nim Tao’s concept and not just parrot the words.  So keep this idea in mind as you practice while observing and listening to Chong’s instruction and the advice he offers in this DVD.   Perhaps you’ll perceive Sil Nim Tao as a seed… that once planted and nurtured, it grows into something more complex and subtle and becomes an expression of beauty over time.  And above all it serves as the foundation of the second and three forms,  Chum Kiu and Be Gee. Read Full Post

Review – Eddie Chong’s Faht Shan (Pan Nam) Wing Chun Set

This is a 3 DVD set. Each DVD in the set is reviewed in detail here.

What Disk 1 is about:

Master Sifu Eddie Chong, of the Fushan White Eyebrow-Fushan Wing Chun Kung Fu Association presents a demonstration of all the classic forms of Grandmaster Pan Nam, of the “Faht Shan” Wing Chun Tradition. The three forms shown in this DVD are, Sil Nim Tao, Chum Kiu and Bil Gee.

Comments on Disk 1:

“Faht Shan Wing Chun”, is considered the official lineage of the Wing Chun system recognized by the Government of the Peoples Republic of China and therefore is referred as the “Chinese System” of Wing Chun as it relates to the Ip Man WC system and is referred to as the “Hong Kong system” of Wing Chun Kung Fu. I am sure there’s lots of debate among WC factions in Shanghai and Hong Kong, who would feel quite differently regarding this official sanction by mainland China. However, this review will discuss the instructional content and value of Eddie Chong’s WC DVDs, and will leave the matter of which system is considered the official lineage of WC to martial art historians.  However, I will say this…martial art institutions are just as much a political animal in China as the two party political systems in America.  Enough said. Read Full Post