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Sil Lim Tao Interview Round Up w/ Taner, Graziano, Rea, and Lam

We are always curious to hear the different perspectives of Wing Chun teachers from around the world.   More often than not, from lineage to lineage, or Sifu to Sifu, you will hear different answers to the same question.  Which is why we set out to ask the SAME questions about Sil Lim Tao to a handful of well known WC instructors.

First let’s introduce the Sifus we interviewed for this article.

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Review – Sifus Taner and Graziano – Chi Sao Section 1

First impressions of this DVD are a bit amateurish, mainly because of the one camera recording and lack of editing. But, as I sat back and began to take note of the material being taught, I instantly changed my mind.

Taner and Graziano have recorded a DVD that is jam-packed with details, so no more demonstrations that you just simply follow along blind. What you get is fine points on structure, position and application—all delivered mainly by Sifu Taner with Sifu Graziano chipping in with some excellent key points. Naturally, we get a break down of Bong, Tan and Fook Sao, but with emphasis on feeling, forces, and correct hit lines, coupled with information on when, why and where to use these techniques. And, they are also keen to explain that this is only how they do Wing Chun, which shows great humility. Read Full Post