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Review – Samuel Kwok – Mastering Wing Chun – Butterfly Swords

This is the 3rd person to review this DVD on this blog alone! It is a very popular DVD. Let’s see what George had to say about this one:

Quick Summary:

This instructional video is presented by Master Samuel Kwok of the Ip Man School of Wing Chun. A complete demonstration of the Butterfly Knife form is given in eight sessions from different points of view while also showing the form’s movements in slow motion for closer study. Master Kwok explains the reasons for the knives particular construction, while demonstrating their use in application – that is – how the knives are held in one’s hands and how one moves them properly. The observed similarities of movement from Wing Chun’s three forms and the application of the shifting horse are expertly demonstrated in this video presentation. All of the basics are covered in this instructional video. Learning how to move properly with power can be easily observed in Master Kwok’s performance. Along with the display of Butterfly Knife basics, a brief demo is shown – how to defend one’s self from a long weapon such as the spear and how one can trap and move the blade along the spear’s shaft while moving toward the opponent and disabling their attack. Read Full Post

Review – Samuel Kwok – Six and a Half Point Pole

Quick Summary:

Grandmaster Kwok, begins his training video with brief comments about the original of the Long Pole and basic information about the poles dimensions. Instruction starts with showing how the Ma Bow posture with basic punches (empty hand) contributes to effective pole techniques (Bil Ma- thrusting action). The proper way to measure and placing one’s handson the pole and how to move in a forward direction while executing the Bil Ma technique. This twisting action of the pole, is akin to how a bullet turns, as it moves down the barrel of a gun. The Lok Dem Boon Quan form is shown from front and side views. Basic techniques are demonstrated in solo form and with a partner showing the proper movement from two basic stance positions while changing one’s position from side to side. Fundamental training exercises are given to assiststudents in their preparation for the long pole sequence. Using the pole properly in basic training will students’ ability to punch with power. Grandmaster Kwok, also demonstrates empty hand techniques showing how to defend against a person’s punching attacks and when someone is attempting to attack with a stick or club. Various, Chin Na or joint lock techniques are also demonstrated showing how to disable an aggressors attacks. Empty hand and kicking techniques are combined showing their application in combat situations. Read Full Post

Review – Samuel Kwok – Mastering Wing Chun – Wooden Dummy

Quick Summary:

This is a straight-forward presentation of the basics in the Wooden Dummy Wing Chun form. The Dummy is a training apparatus used to sharpen one’s skills in Wing Chun technique and applications. Study begins with a basic introduction of the Wooden Dummy’s construction, the specific dimensions of the Muk Yan Jong’s, leg and arm placements. Differences are mentioned about the Muk Yan Jong training post of Fushan in mainland China and that of Hong Kong. The form is shown from different camera angles and views offering a closer look at applications while they’re being applied. The Dummy form is presented in 8 sections, showing specific applications associated with Wing Chun hand and kicking techniques. Grandmaster Kwok, Sifu Tony Massengill and student assistant demonstrate the wooden dummy form and techniques. This training video shows how the Wooden Dummy techniques, can be done incorrectly, consequently leading to undesirable results in actual application or practice. Read Full Post

Review – Samuel Kowk – Mastering Wing Chun: Baat Cham Dao

baat cham dao

The Baat Cham Dao (Eight Point Slashing Swords) were once considered to be a learned form of the Wing Chun system awarded to those who demonstrated unconditional commitment, work ethic, skill and understanding of the system. Only when those qualities had been attained would the presiding Sifu then award the student with learning this second of two weapons forms. Read Full Post

Review – Samuel Kwok – Baat Cham Dao (Butterfly Swords) DVD

grandmaster kwok

If you are not familiar with Samuel Kwok, he is considered one of the best sources to learn proper Ip Man Wing Chun. From what I understand, over the course of his life he managed to study with a number of people who were direct students of Ip Man, including both his sons Ip Chun and Ip Ching,  allowing him to pass on a perspective that was once taught by the Grandmaster himself.

Sections I Enjoyed: Read Full Post