Review – Samuel Kwok – Mastering Wing Chun – Butterfly Swords

Review – Samuel Kwok – Mastering Wing Chun – Butterfly Swords

This is the 3rd person to review this DVD on this blog alone! It is a very popular DVD. Let’s see what George had to say about this one:

Quick Summary:

This instructional video is presented by Master Samuel Kwok of the Ip Man School of Wing Chun. A complete demonstration of the Butterfly Knife form is given in eight sessions from different points of view while also showing the form’s movements in slow motion for closer study. Master Kwok explains the reasons for the knives particular construction, while demonstrating their use in application – that is – how the knives are held in one’s hands and how one moves them properly. The observed similarities of movement from Wing Chun’s three forms and the application of the shifting horse are expertly demonstrated in this video presentation. All of the basics are covered in this instructional video. Learning how to move properly with power can be easily observed in Master Kwok’s performance. Along with the display of Butterfly Knife basics, a brief demo is shown – how to defend one’s self from a long weapon such as the spear and how one can trap and move the blade along the spear’s shaft while moving toward the opponent and disabling their attack.

Comments on Production:

The production quality of this video is excellent, no problems with feedback of sound or annoying distractions in the background. All demonstrated movements are properly lighted and filmed in such a way, where there’s no ambiguity about how Master Kwok executes a movement.

Review Comments:

Review - Samuel Kwok - Mastering Wing Chun Vol 6 DVDThis is an excellent training video where Master Kwok shows how to move properly and demonstrates his ability to express power in technique. It’s just not learning the sequence of a form, that’s essential, but how to shift your posture with the necessary, properly timed, internal action at the waist and moving loosely in the hip joints, or kua, which allows the upper body to express substantial force. Sifu’s movements flow as they should in making a technique effective. There are instructors today who emphasize applications in such a way to give the impression that Kung Fu and mastering technique starts from the top. It does not! Excellent training begins from the bottom up. Establishing a strong and stable base in the legs, while cultivating the ability to move quickly comes from stance development. This is an essential and basic skill to learn which takes time for one to develop properly!

Training in the basics is often ignored by some teachers because most beginning students do not wish to endure the work required to benefit from intense effort. There’s the perception among novice practitioners that all one has to learn is the fancy arm and hand movements to effectively execute technique. Nothing could be further from the truth. Master Kwok clearly exhibits what is important in training. Learning a lot of technique through rote memorization does not provide the magic in the skilled expression of Chinese Wu Shu. A beginning practitioner should understand that skilled technique does not come from a deluge of thoughts of some learned pattern of attacks and counters. As if to mentally say, “When this persons does this technique, then I’ll respond with this counter”… and so on. Proper training over time will allow one’s awareness and technique to naturally emerge. Anticipation, could get you seriously injured or killed! It’s a pleasure to watch a master express his skill as Sifu Samuel Kwok is able to show. This video is worth every cent!

Review Specifications:
Reviewer: George Hernandez
Presentation Title: Mastering Wing Chun Vol 6 – Baat Cham Dao
Presenters:Samuel Kwok
Date: 5/15/2015

Technical Specifications:
Language: English
Format: DVD or Digital Download
DVD Format: NTSC Region 0
Resolution (download only): 720p
Running Time: 55 Minutes

Ratings (1-5 scale):
Sound Quality: 5
Video Quality: 5
Total Production Score: 10

Subject/Instruction Rating:
Subject matter: 5
Instruction Quality: 5
Total Subject/Instruction Rating: 10

Reviewers Rating: 5
Total Score: 25/25 = 100%

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